Nutley Pond by Lyn Lifshin

Nutley Pond, a new poetry collection by Lyn Lifshin, published by Goose River Press, is now available. In the book, Lifshin takes us through shifting seasons at the water’s edge. She moves from winter in the ebony cove to spring when geese honk the sun back into summer with its wind of white rose petals and white clouds of doves into fall with its ruby oaks and the coming blue sack of cold. Her introduction talks of the beauties and terrors of living so close to the pond and of the thrill of finding one of the original geese in the magnificent Operation Migration that taught motherless geese to follow a an ultra-lite air craft. You will feel the late November wind, be with her feeding black ducks and listen, too, to goose music at midnight. You can learn more about the book here.

Lyn Lifshin’s poems were published in issue 4 and issue 10 of Cha

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