ml press

something new has been born: ml press.

ml press is a print off-shoot of the online journal mud luscious (editor: J. A. Tyler). ml press publishes limited edition, single author, single work, chap style volumes of poetry & prose. each volume costs $2 (includes u.s. shipping), is printed in a run of 25 – 50, and gives 50% of its sales to the author.
here is the initial line-up & a sentence from each:

ken baumann : Y2K
‘& our hero finally bends to the oncoming fiscal crisis’

jimmy chen : footnote1

‘the wind howls because the dogs whimper’

shane jones : black kids in lemon trees

‘our handcuffs are the stitching between the clouds’

buy. read. support. blog. review. etc.

J. A. Tyler’s fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.

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