CHA Issue#5 Goes Live


We are pleased to announce the publication of the fifth issue of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (November 2008). Poet, novelist and historian Reid Mitchell generously acted as guest editor and read the submissions with us. The new issue features poetry by former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins and new fiction by Nirmala Pillai. Other writers/artists featured in the issue include Sam Byfield, Grace V. S. Chin, Mike Farman, Tiziano Fratus, Daniel Hudon, Anne Levesque, Vikas Malhotra, Aya Padron, Yves Rubin, Steven Schroeder, Daren Shiau, Gillian Sze, Tai Dong Huai, Eddie Tay, Royston Tester, Toh Hsien Min, Sean Wiebe, Alison Wong, Bo Wong and Jennifer Wong. To read the issue, please visit our website at

We are currently accepting submissions for the sixth issue of Cha, which is scheduled for publication in February 2009. Deadline: 31 December 2008. Award-winning Hong Kong poet Arthur Leung will lend his expertise to us in the role of poetry guest editor. If you are interested in having your works considered for publication in Cha, please read our submission guidelines for details.

Tammy Ho & Jeff Zroback/ The Editors
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal/

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