Gillian Sze’s Fish Bones reviewed 3

Gillian Sze‘s Fish Bones (published by Punchy Press) is reviewed in The Uniter, a weekly urban journal based in Winnipeg. Reviewer Chris Campbell thinks Gillian’s collection is “a strong literary debut and worth reading” and that her voice is “both vibrant and wise, offering a perspective that reflects life, in all its unpredictability, and captures something of love.” In the review, Campbell also discusses several poems from the book including “Forget-Me-Not”, “Alone on the Other Side of the World” and “How to be Dead”. Read the full review here.

Gillian Sze’s poetry has been published in issue #5 and issue #6 of Cha. She will be the guest editor of the February 2010 issue (issue#10) of the journal.

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