CHA contributors in QLRS

Cha contributors Lee Yew Leong, Eddie Tay, O Thiam Chin and Toh Hsien Min have creative works published in the July 2009 issue of Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. Read Lee Yew Leong’s poem “On a Scale of 1: ∞“, Eddie Tay’s poem “for arthur yap“, O Thiam Chin’s short story “Garoupa” and view Toh Hsien Min’s photographs of Seoul at night, “Film Noir Korea” in the new issue of QLRS.

  • Yew Leong Lee’s short story “The Disappearance” was published in the February 2009 issue (issue#6) of Cha.
  • Read Eddie Tay’s Cha profile.
  • Toh Hsien Min’s poems were published in issue#5 of Cha.

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