Gillian Sze in The Toronto Quarterly

Gillian Sze’s new poems “Orison” (p. 27) and “Recipe” (p. 28) are now published in the fourth issue of The Toronto Quarterly. You can download the PDF for the issue for free here.
Gillian Sze’s poetry has been published in issue #5, issue #6 and issue #8 of Cha. She will be the guest editor of the February 2010 issue (issue#10) of the journal.

One thought on “Gillian Sze in The Toronto Quarterly

  1. Very vibrant language, a joy to read…especially 'Recipe'….I love the ending:
    Your fingers scrape out the last of me.
    We both know that you’ll come out again,
    and I will scoop myself together
    and forgivingly, feed you the affections
    that burn your tongue.

    Best, Bob


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