Cyril Wong in South China Morning Post

Photo by Alex Pander
Cyril Wong speaks to SCMP’s Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop about his new and first book of short stories, Let Me Tell You About That Night, Strange Tales. The article, published on Sunday 18 October 2009, is now available for download as a PDF from Cyril’s personal website.

Cyril Wong’s poetry was published in issue#1 of Cha.

One thought on “Cyril Wong in South China Morning Post

  1. hello Asian cha
    I hope all is well. I would like to state that I took that photo of Cyril. I also epublished this by Cyril:

    Stephen Black
    OBAMA SEARCH WORDS ebook soon to be unglued!

    the release of our debut CD…SOON!

    the TIONG BAHRU BOOK coming soon


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