Tiziano Fratus’s CREATURING: Selected poems

CREATURING by Tiziano Fratus

Cha contributor Tiziano Fratus’s new poetry collection Creaturing: Selected Poems is now out. It is published by Marick Press, Grosse Pointe Farm / Detroit (2010). Translations by Francesco Levato (The Poetry Center of Chicago).
Tiziano will be doing a book tour:
4 april 2010 – Bowery Poetry Club, New York
5 april 2010 – Columbia University, New York
7 april 2010 – Macalester College, St. Paul
7 april 2010 – Open Book – Milkweed, Minneapolis
8 april 2010 – Bookshop Micawbers, St. Paul
9 april 2010 – University of Illinois, Chicago
12 april 2010 – Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Chicago
15 april 2010 – Poets Follies Reading Series, Ewald Library, Grosse Pointe Park / Detroit
19 april 2010 – San Diego State University, San Diego
21 april 2010 – The Felix Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz
«Tiziano Fratus is a passionate poet with a clear,distinct voice and a keen awareness that history opens thedoor of our future. We have much to learn from these engagedand engaging poems, much for which to be genuinelygrateful» (Sam Hamill – Poets Against War)
«Fratus’ poetry explores what it means to be a youngItalian poet today in the shadow of historical, cultural,and traditional forces» (Francesco Levato – The PoetryCenter of Chicago)
«In his writing, Fratus is guided by an uncommon urgencyand unconditional faith in poetry; his writing doesn’t holdback on its energy» (Antonello Borra – University ofVermont)
More about Creaturing: Selected Poems can be found here.
Tiziano Fratus’s poetry was published in issue #5 of Cha.

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