one by one OUTLOUD 5 May

one by one

one person:

one poem ~ story ~ song…

the following poets/writers/artists will perform

akin jeje
brian mulcahy
yuen che-hung
christian johnson
zheng danyi
dave mckirdy
fanny-min becker
chan fongie
shoko fujioka
gerard henry
gillian bickley
jessica yeung
jonathan douglas
keon lee
chung ling
mary jane newton
michael holland
michael ingham
pauline burton
salah elewa
sarah brennan
sayed gouda
shahilla shariff
sonia au
stephen richards
mak su yin
tanya hart
virginia chu
wong yankwaii


5 may 2010 ~ fringe club ~ 8pm ~ free
emcee: madeleine marie slavick
presented by OUTLOUD (est. 1999)

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