Call for submissions: Singapore poets before their first books

Firstfruits publications seeks submissions of poetry in English from Singapore poets who have yet to publish a full-length, single-author collection of poetry. Selected work will appear in an anthology titled Storm Glass: Singapore Poets Before Their First Book, to be published next year and edited by Nicholas Liu. All submissions must be sent before 1st September 2010.

-Only email submissions will be accepted.
-Send 6-8 poems to, either as a single attachment (.rtf or .doc only–no .docx files, please) or, if your poems’ formatting will not suffer for it, as text in the body of your email.
-Title your email “SUBMISSION: [Your Name Here]”
-At least half the poems submitted must be previously unpublished.
-Simultaneous submissions are permitted without reservations.
-Please do not include a cover letter at this time, but do include your name, home or mobile telephone number, **and a statement declaring that you fulfill both criteria for this anthology**.
-A biographical note will be requested if your submission is successful.

Q: Who is a “Singapore poet”?
A: Anyone who considers themselves such, within reason.

Q: What is a “full-length, single-author collection of poetry”?
A: Any book of poetry by a single writer exceeding 48 printed pages in extent, published in print or in the form of an e-book available for sale. Self-published collections do count.

Q: Will the poets included be paid?
A: There are no plans to pay contributors at the moment, although they will receive at least one free copy of the anthology. Firmer details will be available at a later date.

Q: When can I expect a response?
A: Submissions, successful or unsuccessful, will be responded to on an ongoing basis. All responses will be sent within a month of the close of open submissions.

Q: [Some other question]
A: Email your query to the same address listed above. Title your email “QUERY”.

See here for the original call.

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