Not A Muse reviewed

Not a Muse: The Inner Lives of Women, a World Poetry Anthology, published by Haven Books and edited by Cha contributors Viki Holmes and Kate Rogers, is reviewed in San Francisco Book Review. Read the full article here.

The anthology features poems by the following Cha contributors: Agnes Lam (issue#2), Anindita Sengupta (issue#3), Kavita Jindal (issue#1), Louise Ho (issue#4), Luisa A Igloria (issue#2 & issue#8), Mani Rao (issue#1), Michelle Cahill (issue#2), Phoebe Tsang (issue#6 & issue#9), Sridala Swami (issue#3), Cecilia Chan (issue#7), Fiona Tinwe Lam (issue#11), Viki Holmes (issue#3), Kate Rogers (issue#9) and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming (co-editor of Cha).

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