Meet Yip Wai Shan

Photo of Yip © Benny Thong

Fact 1: Yip Wai Shan knows us very well. Fact 2: Her picture (above) is awesome. Fact 3: Her photography sequence “Dry” will appear in the September 2010 Issue of Cha. Fact 4: These images remind Hong Kong-born Cha co-editor of home; and what a salty home it is. Curious? See one of the pictures here. Can you smell the fish? Yum yum.

Bio: Yip Wai Shan is a Hong Kong-based photographer who enjoys discovering the unusuals in the usuals through photography. While discovering, she may forget to walk or talk to people around her and they may regard her as either lunatic or rude. Yip is now a Master of English Studies student in the University of Hong Kong and she sometimes wishes that she can submit photos instead of essays to her teachers.

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