Comment: Are you a Mrs Koh?

There’s an article in New Straits Times about a character invented by Robert Raymer in his short story “Neighbours”. Robert wrote on his blog:

After meeting the students in KL who were studying my short story “Neighbours” in SPM Literature, you can imagine my surprise when I came across Denis Harry’s article “Comment: Are You Mrs. Koh?” Denis was writing about my character from “Neighbours”! It came out nearly one month ago! No one even told me! I guess it’s like that, you figure, oh, he’ll see it, or someone else will point it out to him. When it comes to good news, I’d rather have one hundred people tell me than no one at all! Now that I know, I feel absolutely delighted, honored,and humbled. Mrs. Koh, a character I invented twenty years ago, based loosely on one of my neighbors, has just become a stereotype for the busybody gossip in Malaysia! Please don’t be like Mrs. Koh.

Read the article here.
Robert Raymer’s short story “On Fridays” was published in Issue #12 of Cha.

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