What should a good piece of poetry be able to do for Cha?

Could you tell me your personal definition of ‘quality’ in a work of poetry, of fiction? What should a good piece of poetry be able to do for Cha?

There are no strict criteria for a good poem. If there were, everyone would be able to follow the ‘rules’ and write ‘good’ poems. Still, for me, I look for the following things: an original use of language, honesty and a captivating voice. Perhaps, my personal preference runs more towards poems that can tell a story than ‘experimental’ poems, which can feel cold and overly manufactured. That having been said, we have published a wide range of poetry in Cha and we are open to new forms and ideas. Perhaps I should also say that since the launch of our critique column, A Cup of Fine Tea, I have also become more conscious of the enduring quality of poems that we publish. We want the pieces to be interesting and meaningful long after we have published them.

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