What would you say distinguishes Cha and Asia Literary Review?

I understand there are also similar journals such as the Asia Literary Review, what would you say distinguishes the two?
First of all, I think Asia Literary Review is an excellent journal and I commend them for their effort and dedication to English writing in the region. I think that in a lot of ways we are involved in a similar mission: to support Asian literature. As for the differences, I think the most obvious thing would be that although ALR has an online presence, it is first and foremost a print journal. Cha, on the other hand, is entirely online. The second thing is that our staff members are all voluntary and we do not yet have any funding. Thirdly, there are elements that ALR has that we do not, and vice versa. For example, they have journalistic articles, which we don’t. And we engage in discussions on previously published works on A Cup of Fine Tea, a feature that I don’t think is present in many other publications.
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