One thought on “London fox

  1. Who is this grinning fox
    Half hidden in the leaves
    'Tween wall and tree
    You face us straight on
    Watching our eyes

    Foxes are rumored to be
    Shape shifters
    Like the fearful werewolves
    Sometimes called 'Loup Garou'
    Or even the poetic “Rougarou”

    But foxes look so cute
    Or so our children think
    Foxes are small,
    Like dogs and cats,
    They must be harmless

    Don't get me wrong
    I'm happy to see foxes too
    They are like fairies and imps
    Feral in their wildness
    Reminding us of our origins

    Once we were feral
    Part of us still is
    But mostly we have lost it
    That wild unthinking growl
    That comes straight from the blood

    But foxes seem both more and less
    Like Ravens, Coyotes, and Rats
    They live among us
    Sharing space with us
    Meeting us from time to time

    And who's to pass judgement
    When they could well outlive us
    Will they remember humans
    After we have left the scene
    Leaving only the ruins of our cities



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