Aryanil Mukherjee and Marc Vincenz in Lantern Review

Cover image: “Blackbird,” composite photograph by Anannya Dasgupta

We are very happy to say that the second issue (Winter 2011) of Lantern Review is now available! Among the wonderful poetry and visual art featured in the issue are Aryanil Mukherjee’s “honeycomb scriptures :: world granulated” and Marc Vincenz’s “Taishan Mountain”.

It is also very worthwhile to read the editors’ note, in which Mia Ayumi Malhotra & Iris A. Law discuss questions such as “How exactly does one define ‘Asian’ literature within the context of a literary publication, and should a self-proclaimed ‘Asian’ journal only publish writing that falls neatly within the parameters of such a definition?” Read the full note here.

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