Why do Western vampires know kung fu?

Kim Newman in Anno Dracula (2011 [1991]) answers:

The Chinese movie tradition of the hopping vampire (jiang shi or geung si) is one of the odder strains of vampirism. I saw Ricky Lau’s Mr Vampire (1985) in London’s Chinatown before the film and its many spinoffs, sequels and variants had made much impact outside its home territory. A lingering aftereffect of this cycle is that, from Buffy and Blade on, even Western vampires tend to know kung fu.

(p. 433)

One thought on “Why do Western vampires know kung fu?

  1. How is it that Vampires
    are defined
    By books and movies?
    Who decided?
    How did this come to be?

    True Vampires
    I'm talking the real thing
    Not seen on television
    But Flesh and Blood Vampires
    That stalk the dark shadows

    True Vampires
    Do they exist in the flesh
    I've had it on good authority
    That they are no joke
    No Twilight, Buffy, Lestat game

    True Vampires
    Don't need Kung Fu
    Are not beautiful
    But they do smell strongly
    Of Putrid Rotting Flesh

    True Vampires
    They are out there
    Watching and Waiting
    Patient in their hunger
    Seeking their prey



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