Quarterly Literary Review Singapore is TEN years old!

“You might also guess that I’ve never really been one for milestones. For me, the word is only one letter removed from millstones.”
-Toh Hsien Min

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (est. 2001), the first online independent literary periodical based in Singapore, turns 10! Remarkable!

Happy Birthday!
In its tenth anniversary issue, you can find the following works by Cha contributors: Arjun Rajedran’s “Elegy of the adulteress”, Bernard Henrie’s “Jiating Pavilion”, Bob Bradshaw’s “A Poem after Tu Fu”, Heng Siok Tian’s “Whose song is it anyway?”, O Thiam Chin’s “You Are Always Here, All The Time” and Cyril Wong’s “Open Season on Martin Amis”. Make sure to read Toh Hsien Min’s editorial “Age is just a number” as well.

“Here’s to a good one, and the next ten.”
-Toh Hsien Min

  • Arjun Rajedran’s poetry was published in Issue 11 of Cha.
  • Bernard Henrie’s poetry was published in Issue 9 of Cha and is forthcoming in Issue #15 of Cha.
  • See Bob Bradshaw’s Cha profile.
  • Heng Siok Tian’s poetry was published in Issue 1 of Cha.
  • O Thiam Chin’s short story “Pebbles” was published in Issue #8 of Cha.
  • Cyril Wong’s poetry was published in issue#1 of Cha.
  • Toh Hsien Min’s poetry was published in issue #5 of Cha.

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