Cha’s 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations (Part I)

Also see Part II.

We at Cha would like to announce our nominations for the 2012 Pushcart Prize

Divya Rajan, “Ode to Poetry” (Issue #13, February 2011).
Sumana Roy, “Love: Made in China” (Issue #14, July 2011).
Eleanor Goodman, “Sanctum” (Issue #14, July 2011).

Congratulations to the above nominees. We wish you the best of luck and thank you for letting us publish your wonderful work.

Thank you, Arthur Leung (Poetry Guest Editor, Issue #13) and Yibing Huang (Guest Editor, Issue #14), for their suggestions.

Three more pieces from the fourth anniversary issue of Cha, due out at the end of November 2011, were also nominated. They will be revealed when that issue goes live.

Also see our Best of the Net nominations this year.

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