Cha "Encountering" Poetry Contest – 20 long-listed poems

Thank you to everyone who has submitted work to Cha: An Asian Literary Journal‘s “Encountering” poetry contest. Judges Arthur Leung and Tammy Ho have now selected the following twenty long-listed poems.

The short list will be released on Friday 10 February 2012. The six winning poems will be announced on Wednesday 15 February and published in the February/March 2012 issue of Cha.

Reunion | Aditi Rao

On Encountering Jean-Claude Van Damn | Andrew Barker

Aporia | Arlene Yandug

The Deer at Exmoor | Christian Ward

Two Girls Very Small Daniel A. Nicholls

Cadaver on Bloor St.David B. Huebert

When I Was the Chinaman’s Granddaughter-In-Law | Dena Guzman

Dragon Fruit | Gillian Sze

Sonia Wants To Rent An Apartment | Jose Manuel Sevilla

Rokujō | Judith Huang

Towards the Intimation of an Ode | Lam Chun Yu (Charlie Lam)

Boxing Day Ode | Laurice Gilbert

Possum | Michael Farman

Sample 70215, 84 | R. Joseph Capet

Flashback Sonnet: B- Film Actress Seeks Lost Bastard Child | Ranjani Murali 

Prostitute’s Nocturne | Ranjani Murali 

Bees | Shivani Sivagurunathan

Badminton | Simon Jackson

Homecoming | Sophie Mackintosh

Classroom | Sumana Roy

11 thoughts on “Cha "Encountering" Poetry Contest – 20 long-listed poems

  1. Could not make it. But I'll try again next time. 🙂 If you could please tell me what is the age of the youngest of these selected poets, it would be great. Thank you..:)


  2. Congratulations to the short-listed poets! Wish the very best to all of them! Will wait eagerly to have the opportunity to read them in forthcoming issues of CHA.

    –Susmita Paul


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