New updates on 5 Cha contributors: Winne Chau, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Alistair Noon, Luisa A. Igloria and Marc Vincenz

Winnie Chau and Nicholas Y.B. Wong

Read Winnie Chau’s theatre review of Pains of Youth and an interview with Nicholas Y.B. Wong in the latest issue of Time Out Hong Kong.

See Nicholas Wong’s Cha’s profile here 
Winnie Chau’s poem “her story” was published in Issue #4 of Cha


Alistair Noon

Excerpt from Alistair Noon’s “At the Atlantic” can now be read in The Bangor Daily NewsUni-Verse column.  

Alistair Noon’s poetry and creative non-fiction were published in issue #2 of Cha. His poem “The Expat Partner: An Email” is discussed here.


Luisa A. Igloria

 Luisa A. Igloria‘s tweet poem is featured on NPR’s “Tell Me More” show. You can read the story and listen to the audio here. Luisa’s poem begins with the line ‘Remember when summers’…

Luisa A. Igloria’s poetry was published in issue #2 and issue #8 of Cha

Marc Vincenz
Marc Vincenz’s poem “For the Shadow Council,”, first published in Exquisite Corpse, is now on October Babies. You can also listen to Marc’s audio recording of the poem.

Read Marc Vincenz’s Cha profile.


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