New updates on 5 Cha contributors: Wendy Xu, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, W.F. Lantry, Alistair Noon and Rumjhum Biswas

Wendy Xu 

“I WAS NOT EVEN BORN WHEN YOU BECAME AN EXPERT”, a poem co-written by Wendy Xu and Nick Sturm, is published in the Summer 2012 issue of Birdfeast. You know, we are all made of very small particles
|| Wendy Xu’s poetry was published in Issue #16 of Cha. 


Nicholas Y.B. Wong

Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s poem “Buddha’s Public Lecture: Who is Afraid of Ai is now available in the fourth issue of Buddhist Poetry Review. How much do you know about the Chinese word ‘love’?

|| Read Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s Cha’s profile here.


W.F. Lantry

W.F. Lantry‘s topical poem “Derecho”, which concerns the recent storm, is now published in The New Verse News. Yes, and even now butterflies resume their dance

|| Read W.F. Lantry’s Cha profile.


Alistair Noon

Alistair Noon’s Earth Records and three other publications are extensively, intensively and generously (stealing Alistair’s words) reviewed by Peter Riley at The Fortnightly Review. I am so glad to see this review – I am a big fan of TFR! 

|| Alistair Noon’s poetry and creative non-fiction were published in issue #2 of Cha. His poem “The Expat Partner: An Email” is discussed here.


Rumjhum Biswas
Two pieces of work by Rumjhum Biswas were featured in the June 2012 issue of Spark. Read Rumjhum’s flash story “Rainbow” and poem “The Day Heaven Came Down”. What to do when Heaven came down / and scoop you up / in copious soft-as-cloud arms?

|| See Rumjhum Biswas’s Cha profile. 


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