Kafkaesque China

My friend: Hey, is there any way you could find out if there is a warrant for my arrest in the PRC?
Me: Why do you think I have such high penetrating power? I am only an editor of a journal whose blog is blocked in China.
My friend: I’m serious about the arrest warrant. If I ask them and there isn’t one, then there will be one. If there is one, I can’t go and get arrested.
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One thought on “Kafkaesque China

    of the memorable crisis
    where the event matured,
    accomplished in sight of all
    non-existent human outcomes,
    a commonplace elevation
    pours out absence
    some lapping below,
    as if to scatter the empty act abruptly,
    that otherwise by its falsity
    would have plumbed perdition,
    in this region of vagueness,
    in which all reality dissolves”
    —- Stephane Mallarme
    from his poem
    “A Throw of the Dice
    Will Never Abolish Chance”


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