Cha’s nomination for Best Small Fictions anthology

Cha has nominated Henry Wei Leung’s short fiction “Getting There”, published in the March 2015 issue, for inclusion in the Queen’s Ferry Press anthology, The Best Small Fictions 2016, which seeks flash of 1000 words or fewer published in 2015.

From “Getting There”:

We are bulbous and abundant and may one day find a form in language for eternal presence. I teach my students in Hong Kong to write wish poems using the subjunctive the conditional the retrospective but this is wrong, this is corrected English and is wrong for them. They write their wishes into the same present tense as the wishing itself. (I wish my mom is a magician.) (I wish I have a silly sister.) (I wish people don’t think I’m weird.) The wish is desired and is.

To read the whole piece, please visit here. We thank the editors of Queen’s Ferry Press for the invitation to nominate work and we wish Henry the best of luck!

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