“On Sayang Singapura” by Karen Chan

Sayang Singapura.jpg

Thank you for Cha‘s co-editor Tammy Ho Lai-Ming’s invitation to the Cha Reading Series event “Sayang Singapura” (Thursday 3 May 2018), which featured three Cha contributors originally from Singapore—Kum Hoon Ng, Eddie Tay (also Cha‘s Reviews Editor) and Lian-Hee Wee.

It was great to listen to the three Singaporean writers read some poems and excerpts of their choosing that commented on Singapore and their experiences in Hong Kong. Their selections were rather different from one another, revealing each writer’s sensibilities, preferences and views on life. Their performances also encouraged the audience members to reflect on their relations with the two cities.

Kum Hoon Ng shared excerpts on some pressing values and characteristics of Singapore. He also allowed us to reflect upon the universal emotions of city life and his dreamlike observations on Singapore architecture. Eddy Tay assumed the role of an observer of Singapore and Hong Kong, taking street photographs and writing poetry from what he sees around him. To comprehend Lian-Hee Wee’s poetry fully, one needs to understand the many background stories and contexts of both cities, which he generously offered during the reading.


Karen ChanDr. Karen Chan (陳嘉賢脊骨神經科醫生) is a chiropractor working in private practice. She was born in Hong Kong and spent part of her earlier years in Singapore and Melbourne, before returning to Hong Kong. She obtained her B. Chiro. Sc. and Msc. Chiro from Macquarie University in Sydney. She also holds a degree in social sciences from the University of Hong Kong. She is currently a member of the Hong Kong Chiropractors Association Public Relations and Education Committee. Her vision is to help others maintain a balanced lifestyle and strive for them to reach their full potential. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hockey and horse riding.

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