[Call for Abstracts] Creative Writing Online in Asia

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 Tammy Lai-Ming Ho
(Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Eddie Tay
(Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Creative writing is a solitary affair insofar as it involves putting words on the page. On the other hand, with the proliferation of online literary journals, it is also a social affair, subject to the dynamics of social media interaction. What are the implications of digital culture for creative writers? How are national, diasporic, ethnic and regional/local affiliations made manifest in creative writing online? How are our ideas to do with literary canons shaped by creative writing online? As creative writers and teachers, what do we tell our students who constitute the next generation of writers so as to better prepare them for the shifting terrain in creative writing brought about by the rapid growth of social media and creative writing journals online?

We thus propose a volume of essays focusing on the phenomenon of creative writing online in Asia. This collection will initiate the overdue process of engaging with the intersections of digital culture and creative writing in the region. We seek contributions from scholars, creative writers and educators so as to begin to understand the implications of the Internet for creative writing. This book would be of interest to scholars of creative writing, creative writers, and publishing professionals who are interested in the intersections of digital culture and literature. Palgrave has expressed an initial interest in this book project.

We invite abstracts of about 250 words on proposed articles that engage with any aspect of creative writing online. Please include your bio and institutional affiliations.

Deadline for submission of abstracts (250 words): 31 October 2018
Deadline for submission of articles (5000 words): 31 March 2019

Please send abstracts and any correspondence to both Tammy (tammyh@hkbu.edu.hk) and Eddie (eddietay@cuhk.edu.hk).

Topics could include but are not limited to the following in relation to creative writing online in Asia:

  • Theorizing creative writing culture
  • Developments in digital creative writing in different parts of Asia
  • Innovative critical approaches to creative writing online
  • Digital humanities and creative writing
  • Material and socioeconomic conditions
  • Aesthetics and socio-politics of creative writing online
  • The relationship between digital and print culture
  • Issues to do with identity and creative writing online: national, diasporic, ethnic, and regional/local affiliations
  • The relevance of Marshall McLuhan’s thesis “The medium is the message” to creative writing online
  • Possible extrapolations of Heidegger’s essay “The Question Concerning Technology” to creative writing online
  • Globalization via the Internet
  • Digital space and creative writing
  • Digital canonicity
  • Digital technology and the writer’s imagination
  • The process of writing creatively for online publication
  • Multi-modal possibilities of digital culture and creative writing
  • Online media genres and implications for creative writing
  • The online presence of creative writers
  • Social media and the practice of creative writing
  • Small press independent cultures and e-publishing
  • A writing life online

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