Lian-Hee Wee

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LIAN-HEE WEE 黃良喜 is (co-)author or (co-)editor of eight books and numerous research articles. His most notable publications include the monograph Phonological Tone (Cambridge University Press, to appear) and the journal article “Tone Assignment in Hong Kong English” published in Language (2016). Lian-Hee’s work unravels patterns in Chinese languages as well as Asian varieties of English such as those spoken in Singapore and Hong Kong. He taught at the Department of Chinese Studies at the National University of Singapore and is now Professor of Linguistics at Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學. He is the founding director of Bilingual Improv Brigade, which is probably the world’s first Chinese-English bilingual Improv Comedy Group. He dabbles with music, poetry, and animal activism.

PEN_Lian-Hee.jpg[Lian-Hee Wee: A featured reader at Liu Xiaobo Elegies (劉曉波)—a reading jointly organised by Cha and PEN Hong Kong, on Friday 29 June 2018.]

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