Michael O’Sullivan

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Originally from Ireland, MICHAEL O’SULLIVAN is a Hong Kong-based academic, teacher and writer. He is also an editor of Hong Kong Studies, the first academic journal devoted entirely to Hong Kong. Michael has published 10 books, the most recent being Academic Barbarism, Universities and Inequality, and he has two new books coming out this year—all mainly written in an academic style on philosophy, literary studies and education studies. He has also published poems in Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine (聲韻詩刊)Desde Hong Kong, Quixotica, Asian Signature and a personal essay in PEN Hong Kong‘s anthology, Hong Kong 20/20: Reflections on a Borrowed Place. His new work tries to combine creative writing and archival research in looking at collective memory.

PEN_Michael.jpg[Michael O’Sullivan: A featured reader at Liu Xiaobo Elegies (劉曉波)—a reading jointly organised by Cha and PEN Hong Kong, on Friday 29 June 2018.]

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