Ng Mei Kwan

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Matches Polished into Lights:
Tiananmen Thirty Years On

(Mon 3 June 2019; 730 pm)
 and PEN Hong Kong
Media support: Hong Kong Free Press
Venue: Bleak House Books
Moderator: Tammy Ho


  • Ng Mei Kwan’s “Heartbeat of the Square” 廣場的心跳 [Download]



  • Ng Mei Kwan’s “Belief”, translated by Bonnie S. McDougall [Download]

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After Ng Mei Kwan obtained a PhD in Chinese literature from The University of Sydney, she has been teaching in the University of Kong Kong, Lingnan University, Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, among other places. Her first poetry collection won the Outstanding Entry in the First Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature. She is the founding director of International Association of Theatre Critics (HK), founding chairlady of HK Literary Criticism Society, Chairlady of Literature group & ASC, as well as a Board Member of HK Arts Council (2014-2016) and Writer-in-Residence of HK Education University in 2018. She published the BubbleTea Magazine recently to promote literary reading to youth and the public. Her major Publications are The Fourth Morning [poetry collection], We Are So Close [poetry collection], Silence of Time [poetry collection], The Lone Eye at Theatre, Image & Literature Across the Century [Collection of Criticism], etc. Her translated verses are first collected in The Bluest Part of the Harbour: Poems from Hong Kong published by OUP.

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[Ng Mei Kwan: A featured reader at “Matches Polished into Lights: Tiananmen Thirty Years On”—a reading jointly organised by Cha and PEN Hong Kong, on Monday 3 June 2019.]

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