[Cha Reading Series] Cantonese: The Language of Protest (Wednesday 24 July 2019)

Cantonese_The Language of Protest.jpg

Cantonese slang, puns, wordplay and sometimes even curse words have featured prominently in recent mass protests in Hong Kong. The creative and effective use of Cantonese has turned it into one of the defining characteristics and powerful tools of the city’s pro-democracy movement. Speakers on this diverse panel will explore what makes Cantonese a unique language of protest and how the city’s lingua franca will continue to evolve in future campaigns.


In this discussion, jointed organised by PEN Hong Kong and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, as part of the Cha Reading Series, we discuss the creative and at times controversial use of Cantonese in protests in Hong Kong and the role of this language in fostering a distinctive Hong Kong cultural, linguistic and political identity. Are there other languages used in the protests? How do they interact with each other?


粵語: 示威的語言
Date: Wednesday 24 July 2019
日期: 2019年7月24日(三)
Time: 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.
時間: 下午7時半至9時
Venue: Kafnu Hong Kong (2F, Kerry Hotel, 38 Hung Luen Rd, Hung Hom)
地點:Kafnu Hong Kong (紅磡嘉里酒店2樓)
Language: Cantonese (with some English)

Moderators: Tammy Lai-Ming Ho and Jason Y. Ng
主持:何麗明 及 Jason Y. Ng
Contact: Tammy Ho (pres@penhongkong.org)
聯絡:何麗明 (pres@penhongkong.org)

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