[REPOSTING] Hong Kong & Visual Arts: Call for Abstracts


Only a year ago in 2019, most commentators on the field of art would have portrayed Hong Kong as a place that offered great opportunities for most art-related actors, from art practitioners to academics and art critics.Whether such a positive reading was true for all the domains of the local art ecology was always questionable, but the fact is that the same commentators would find it extremely difficult to be as optimistic today.

From the new National Security Laws (the details of which are yet to be defined clearly) to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economy, there is at present little to be confident about. One thing is certain though, the coming years will usher in profound changes under the influence of economic or political changes, and this is as good a time as ever to take stock of the situation. This symposium of Hong Kong Studies, our fourth, is dedicated to all aspects of the local art field, and researchers are invited to submit their abstracts.


Date: Saturday 28 November 2020
Venue: Zoom
Organisers: Tammy Lai-Ming Ho (Hong Kong Studies), Michael O’Sullivan (Hong Kong Studies), Eddie Tay (Hong Kong Studies), Michael Tsang (Hong Kong Studies), and Frank Vigneron (Chair & Professor, Department of Fine Arts, CUHK)

Abstract Submissions:
Please send 250-word abstracts (for 15-20 minutes presentations) by Thursday 15 October 2020 to Tammy Lai-Ming Ho at tammyh@hkbu.edu.hk for consideration.(Pictured: Work by animation artist Wong Ping. Source: Facebook / Wong Ping Animation Laboratory)

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