Issue#7 Mud Luscious

The seventh issue of Mud Luscious (editor: J.A. Tyler) is now live. It features work by Peter Berghoef, Sean Ruane, Jennifer Pieroni, Sara Reihani, P. H. Madore, C. L. Bledsoe, Nathaniel Tower, Molly Gaudry, Ryan W. Bradley, Ravi Mangla, Shome Dasgupta, Sean Lovelace, David Erlewine, Zachary C. Bush, Barry Graham, Lydia Copeland, Conor Robin Madigan, Liz Hall, & Peter Schwartz. The issue also contains reviews of Secondary Sound by Justin Sirois, the whispering of ice cubes by Rupert Wondolowski and Repetition Patterns by Ben Tanzer.

J. A. Tyler’s fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.

the next trio from ml press

New chapbooks from ml press are ready for pre-order.

Blake Butler:
In the Rape Year of the Ghetto Toddler the Houses will Awaken

Brandi Wells

Nick Antosca:
Rat Beast

This new trio will ship beginning Nov. 15th &, as always, will be $2 each (includes shipping in the u.s. ) & will be printed in a very limited run of 25-50 copies only.

ml press have officially added more authors: Sam Pink, James Chapman, Michael Kimball, & Norman Lock.

ml press is run by J. A. Tyler.

J. A. Tyler’s fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.

ml press

something new has been born: ml press.

ml press is a print off-shoot of the online journal mud luscious (editor: J. A. Tyler). ml press publishes limited edition, single author, single work, chap style volumes of poetry & prose. each volume costs $2 (includes u.s. shipping), is printed in a run of 25 – 50, and gives 50% of its sales to the author.
here is the initial line-up & a sentence from each:

ken baumann : Y2K
‘& our hero finally bends to the oncoming fiscal crisis’

jimmy chen : footnote1

‘the wind howls because the dogs whimper’

shane jones : black kids in lemon trees

‘our handcuffs are the stitching between the clouds’

buy. read. support. blog. review. etc.

J. A. Tyler’s fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.

Mud Luscious 5

Issue #5 of Mud Luscious (editor: J. A. Tyler) is now available online. It includes works by tyler enfield, robert swartwood, joseph v. milford, david mcmullan, michael howarth, jayt catlin, robert aquino dollesin, jon longhi, earl j. Wilcox, & an excerpt from degenerescence, the forthcoming novel by james chapman. The issue also contains reviews of a comfortable place with regular sunshine by joseph goosey, shell games by noel sloboda, and winter of different directions by steven j. mcdermott.

J. A. Tyler’s fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.

The Girl in the Black Sweater by J. A. Tyler

J. A. Tyler‘s new prose/poetry chapbook The Girl in the Black Sweater, published by Trainwreck Press, is now out. The Girl in the Black Sweater is a story of a man who imagines a perfect woman, an affair, all to avoid his pretending sickly wife and a daugther who never should have been. The chapbook is available for purchase here. Tyler is also currently running a deal on this, throwing in a separate title for free with chapbook orders from him directly. Here is the link to that deal.
Two other books by J. A. Tyler are coming out in 2009: a novella from Ghost Road Press and a multi-author chapbook collective from Paperhero Press. More details to follow.

J. A. Tyler’s fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.