New updates on 6 Cha contributors: John McKernan, Gillian Sze, Greg Santos, Marc Vincenz, Sumana Roy and Nicolette Wong

John McKernan

Yes,  Juked is showcasing its May 2012 issue right now but John Mckernan’s poem “Old Guys in the Steam Room 132° F” appeared in the February issue and I have missed it. The poem ends with these poignant lines: ‘I know how to change things to last / I’m talking beautiful It is weird’ 
||  John McKernan’s poetry was published in Issue #15 of Cha and is forthcoming in the June 2012 issue.  His poem“We Used Chalk” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2012.  


Gillian Sze and Greg Santos

Greg Santos interviews Gillian Sze in the latest issue of carte blanche. Gillian talks about her experience editing Branch Magazine and her second collection of poetry, The Anatomy of Clay, among other things. Read the whole interview here.
|| Read Gillian Sze’s Cha profile. Her poem “Sonnet II” was discussed on A Cup of Fine Tea.
|| Greg Santos’s poem “Siem Reap, Cambodia” was published in issue #10 of Cha and discussed here. 


Marc Vincenz

Marc Vincenz’s poem “The Sour that Sweetens the Bitter” is featured in Issue #63 of Durable Goods. Learn more about the publication here.
|| See Marc Vincenz’s Cha profile.  


Sumana Roy

 Sumana Roy’s essay on Amit Chaudhuri’s On Tagore, entitled “Reading the Reader”, now available in Open.
|| See Sumana Roy’s Cha profile.

Nicolette Wong

The second anniversary issue of A-Minor (editor: Nicolette Wong) is now available! Read the entire issue here.  
|| Nicolette Wong’s short stories were published in Issue #1 and Issue #6 of Cha.    


Cha’s 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations (Part II)

Also see Part I.

We at Cha would like to announce our nominations for the 2012 Pushcart Prize:

John McKernan, “We Used Chalk” (Issue #15, November 2011).
W.F. Lantry, “Silk Road” (Issue #15, November 2011).
Nicholas Y.B. Wong, “Panda, Macao, Gondolas” (Issue #15, November 2011).

Congratulations to the above nominees. We wish you the best of luck and thank you for letting us publish your wonderful work.

Thank you, Robert E. Wood (Poetry Guest Editor, Issue #15) for his suggestions. A number of Cha readers also kindly told us their favourite pieces in the issue.

Also see our Best of the Net nominations this year.