FIFTY-FIFTY Relaunch Event at Pacific Coffee

Fifty-Fifty, the anthology edited by Xu Xi and published by Haven Books (Hong Kong), will be relaunched with a new cover. To celebrate Haven Books has teamed up with Pacific Coffee to bring the anthology to the general public at a “Meet the Authors” event held on two dates in September 2009: first in Central and two weeks later in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 / 7 – 8.30pm
Pacific Coffee, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central
Thursday, September 24, 2009 / 7 – 8.30pm
Pacific Coffee, G/F New World Centre, 18-24 Salisbury Road, TST
Fifty-Fifty features work by many Cha contributors, including Xu Xi (issue #6), Martin Alexander (issue #3), Andrew Barker (issue #7), Cecilia Chan (issue #7), David Clarke (issue #1), Louise Ho (issue #4), Viki Holmes (issues #3 and #8), Alan Jefferies (issue #7), Agnes Lam (issue #2), Elbert S.P. Lee (issue #1), Arthur Leung (issue #1 and guest poetry editor of issue #6), Mani Rao (issue #1), Kate Rogers (issue #8), Nicholas Y. B. Wong (issue #1 and guest editor of issue #4) and Cha‘s founding co-editor Tammy Ho Lai-ming.
If you are in Hong Kong in September, do join the Fifty-Fifty writers at these exciting meetings!

CHA contributors in Asia Literary Review

Apart from Kavita Jindal, Cha contributors Michelle Cahill, Louise Ho and Andrew Barker also have poetry published in the Summer 2009 issue of Asia Literary Review.
Read Michelle’s poems “The Spirit House” and “The Deva Loka”, Andrew’s poems “15: I’m Cut then Accused of Weilding the Knife [She]” and “16: You Found the Love You Had Sought [He]” and Louise’s poems “A Veteran Talking”, “Incense Tree”, “Cock-a-doodle-doo”, “Dusk” and “A Poem is Like” in the handsomely-designed new issue of ALR.

  • Michelle Cahill’s poetry was published in issue #2 of Cha.
  • Andrew Barker’s poetry was published in issue #7 of Cha.
  • Louise Ho’s poetry was published in issue #4 of Cha.

Louise Ho in Time Magazine

Check out Hong Kong poet Louise Ho’s interview in Time. Ho talks about her writing and she also gives much deserved props to another Hong Kong poet, Vicky Holmes. Ho and Holmes, who have both appeared in Cha, are some of our favourite Asian writers. Congratulations!

  • Louise Ho’s poetry was published in issue #4 of Cha.
  • Viki Holmes’s poetry was published in issue#3 of Cha and her review of Gillian Sze’s Fish Bones was published in issue #8 of the journal.

First HKU Poetry Prize

NOTE: The deadline for entry has been extended. New deadline: April 1, 2010. Read more about the prize here. The University of Hong Kong School of English & The Hong Kong University Press are proud to present the HKU Poetry Prize. This inaugural award welcomes submissions worldwide. The winner will receive HK$2,500 and publication of a first collection of poems with The Hong Kong University Press.

The judge in 2010 is Cha contributor Louise Ho, whose Incense Tree (HKU Press) has recently been launched in Hong Kong. Poets writing in English who have not previously published, or self-published, a full-length collection of poems are eligible to submit to The HKU Poetry Prize. More information about the prize can be found here.

Louise Ho’s poetry has been published in issue #4 of Cha.

Louise Ho’s Incense Tree

Cha contributor and most well-known contemporary Hong Kong poet Louise Ho will be launching her collected poems Incense Tree (Hong Kong University Press) on Tuesday 10 March 2009 during the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

The title poem “Incense Tree” was published in the August 2008 issue of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, along with two other poems “A Veteran Talking” and “Marching”.
From the Man HK International Literary Festival website:

Tuesday 10 March 2009

7:30pm The Fringe Theatre HK$110

English in Hong Kong: More Than a Colonial Residue — Louise Ho is considered the leading English-language poet in Hong Kong, happy to work in a language that might be thought a colonial residue, and well versed in its poetic traditions, often making use and sometimes making fun of them. She launches her collected poems, Incense Tree, for the launch of the inaugural HKU Poetry Prize. She talks with Michael Hollington about her poetry. This event will be followed by an announcement and details about the inaugural HKU Poetry Prize.
Louise Ho’s poetry was published in issue #4 of Cha.


Cha excitedly announces the launch of Not A Muse. Not A Muse is edited by Viki Holmes (Cha contributor) and Kate Rogers and published by Haven Books.

The anthology includes poems by “over 100 sensational contributors from 24 countries including”. The following Cha contributors are featured in the long-awaited anthology: Agnes Lam (issue#2), Anindita Sengupta (issue#3), Kavita Jindal (issue#1), Louise Ho (issue#4), Luisa A Igloria (issue#2), Mani Rao (issue#1), Michelle Cahill (issue#2), Phoebe Tsang (issue#6), Sridala Swami (issue#3), Tammy Ho Lai-Ming (co-editor of Cha) and Viki Holmes (issue#3).
You can find more detail about the launch of Not A Muse on the Haven Books website and the the Man Kong International Literary Festival 2009 website.
If you are in Hong Kong, do join the launch party!