Nick Admussen’s Movie Plots

I am very happy to say that Nick Admussen’s first chapbook Movie Plots has been published by Epiphany Editions in New York. Movie Plots is “a series of disorientingly absorbing prose poems that take thirty different film genres as points of departure for riffs on identity, the imagination, the meaning and coherency of life, and even more indefinable matters.” The chapbook is now available here and you can read some piecese here. There are about half a dozen poems that touch on China and Asian experience.
“Softcore” (p. 11), “Hardcore Pornography” (p. 18) and “Vintage Pornography” (p. 25) — yes! — are just some of the pieces I enjoyed and will return to.

“They’re fascinating and maybe just a little weird—like their ideal readers, perhaps.” Indeed!

Nick Admussen’s translations were published in issue #11 of Cha.