Nick Admussen’s Movie Plots

I am very happy to say that Nick Admussen’s firstΒ chapbook Movie Plots has been published by Epiphany Editions in New York.Β Movie Plots is “a series of disorientinglyΒ absorbing prose poems that take thirtyΒ different film genres as points of departureΒ for riffs on identity, the imagination, theΒ meaning and coherency of life, and evenΒ more indefinable matters.”Β The chapbook is now available here and you can read some piecese here. There are about half a dozen poems that touch on China and Asian experience.
“Softcore” (p. 11), “Hardcore Pornography” (p. 18) and “Vintage Pornography” (p. 25) — yes!Β — are just some of the pieces I enjoyed and will return to.

“They’re fascinatingΒ and maybe just a little weirdβ€”like theirΒ ideal readers, perhaps.” Indeed!

Nick Admussen’s translations were published in issue #11 of Cha.

Call for Submissions: Translation

qarrtsiluni is now calling for submissions for its translation-themed issue, due out after the New Year.Β ChaΒ contributor Nick Admussen is one of the five editors of this edition.

From the qarrtsiluni website:

The editors invite submissions of poetry, short fiction, essays, visual poetry, photography, artwork and video for a translation-themed issue. The deadline is December 6, and the issue will begin to appear online after the New Year. All submissions must be made via qarrtsiluni’s new submissions manager.

In addition to work translated into English, we encourage a universal interpretation, including though not limited to movement between and within cultural fields and from signifier (code, symbol, signal) to signified (message, meaning, transcription). Translation being inherent in all acts of writing/reading, both semantic and non-verbal, we are interested in short, non-academic essays relevant to such readings and mis-readings. Please also send adaptations, definitions, conversions, and homophonic translations. Text submissions should not exceed three poems or short prose pieces, or some combination thereof, for a maximum of three single-spaced pages in .doc or .rtf format.

For translations, include originals, permission status, and a bio for the original author as well as your own. Translations from any language are welcome. We look forward to reading or viewing your work.

β€”Nick Admussen, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Nick CarbΓ³, Alex Cigale, and Ayesha Saldanha

Read more about the translation issue of qarrtsiluni here.

Nick Admussen’s translations were published inΒ issue #11Β of Cha.