New updates on 6 Cha contributors: Patrick Donnelly, Mag Tan Yee Mei, Vinita Agrawal, Wendy Xu, Nicolette Wong and Dena Rash Guzman

Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly‘s “In Which I Explain Why I Set the Fire” and “Poem Contradicting the Previous Poem” are now published in Plume. Read the poems hereThere was no fire. There was never any fire.
||  Patrick Donnelly and Stephen D. Miller’s poetry was published in issue #8 of Cha.


Mag Tan Yee Mei and Vinita Agrawal 

Mag Tan Yee Mei’s two stories “The Musician and the Muse” and “The Lampblacker” and Vinita Agrawal’s poem “Thoughts” are now available in the latest issue of Fox Chase Review
|| See Mag Tan’s Cha profile. 
|| Vinita Agrawal’s poetry was published in Issue #16 and Issue #17 of Cha.

Wendy Xu

Three poems by Wendy Xu – “YOU THINK YOU ARE SOMETHING LESS REAL THAN YOU ARE”, “WE ARE BOTH SURE TO DIE” and “WE ARE BOTH SURE TO DIE” – are now published in the new edition of Diagram
|| Wendy Xu’s poetry was published in Issue #16 of Cha. 


Nicolette Wong and Dena Rash Guzman

Nicolette Wong’s “The Runaway Conductor” and Dena Rash Guzman’s “Pages Apocalypse” and “Moon Baby Eats Lunch In Shanghai” are included in the September 2012 issue of Thrush Poetry Journal
|| Nicolette Wong’s short stories were published in Issue #1 and Issue #6 of Cha.
|| Dena Rash Guzman’s poetry was published in Issue #15 and Issue #16 of Cha.


New updates on 6 Cha contributors: John McKernan, Gillian Sze, Greg Santos, Marc Vincenz, Sumana Roy and Nicolette Wong

John McKernan

Yes,  Juked is showcasing its May 2012 issue right now but John Mckernan’s poem “Old Guys in the Steam Room 132° F” appeared in the February issue and I have missed it. The poem ends with these poignant lines: ‘I know how to change things to last / I’m talking beautiful It is weird’ 
||  John McKernan’s poetry was published in Issue #15 of Cha and is forthcoming in the June 2012 issue.  His poem“We Used Chalk” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2012.  


Gillian Sze and Greg Santos

Greg Santos interviews Gillian Sze in the latest issue of carte blanche. Gillian talks about her experience editing Branch Magazine and her second collection of poetry, The Anatomy of Clay, among other things. Read the whole interview here.
|| Read Gillian Sze’s Cha profile. Her poem “Sonnet II” was discussed on A Cup of Fine Tea.
|| Greg Santos’s poem “Siem Reap, Cambodia” was published in issue #10 of Cha and discussed here. 


Marc Vincenz

Marc Vincenz’s poem “The Sour that Sweetens the Bitter” is featured in Issue #63 of Durable Goods. Learn more about the publication here.
|| See Marc Vincenz’s Cha profile.  


Sumana Roy

 Sumana Roy’s essay on Amit Chaudhuri’s On Tagore, entitled “Reading the Reader”, now available in Open.
|| See Sumana Roy’s Cha profile.

Nicolette Wong

The second anniversary issue of A-Minor (editor: Nicolette Wong) is now available! Read the entire issue here.  
|| Nicolette Wong’s short stories were published in Issue #1 and Issue #6 of Cha.    


New updates on 4 Cha contributors: Kit Kelen, Nicolette Wong, Kristine Ong Muslim and W.F. Lantry

Christopher (Kit) Kelen’s poetry was published in issue #1 of Cha. 


Nicolette Wong

Nicolette Wong‘s short fiction “The Bathroom” (p. v) is included in the April 2012 issue of Short, Fast and Deadly.
Nicolette Wong’s short stories were published in Issue #1 and Issue #6 of Cha.   


Kristine Ong Muslim

 In the new issue of mixer, which is devoted to stories about ‘women and the problems they confront in a culture bent on defining and controlling them’, you can find Kristine Ong Muslim‘s ekphrastic prose poem “The Village of Mermaids”
Kristine Ong Muslim’s poetry was published in issue #9 of Cha and her poem “Preface to a Pornographer’s Dirty Book” is discussed here.

W.F. Lantry
Congratulations to W.F. Lantry! He has won the 2012 LaNelle Daniel Prize in Poetry for “Restoration”, a metaphysical love poem, written in rhymed pentameter. More information about the Prize here.
Read W.F. Lantry’s Cha profile.   


Nicolette Wong, W.F. Lantry and Berit Ellingsen in Lost in Thought

The second issue of Lost in Thought is now available and it features works by Cha contributors Nicolette Wong, W.F. Lantry and Berit Ellingsen. Read Nicolette’s “Throw” (p. 74), Bill’s “Convention” (p. 66) and Berit’s “The Sparrows” (p. 62) in the new issue

The second edition of >Language >Place blog carnival

The second edition of  >Language >Place blog carnival is now live and is hosted by Nicolette Wong on her blog Meditations in an Emergency. According to Nicolette:

The second edition of > Language > Place blog carnival features over 20 writers from around the world. It unfolds between directions, detours and codes to arrive at fictive domains that are made real by the yearning for souls adrift. The journey continues, looking into private places and eccentricities, to trace slipping boundaries and the sense of one’s ever shifting homes. 

Cha contributor Steve Wing has a participating entry: “road signs”. Visit Nicolette’s blog to find the links to all the participating posts and details on how to join the next edition. 
  • Nicolette Wong’s short stories were published in Issue #1 and Issue #6 of Cha.
  • Steve Wing’s photography was published in issue #7 of Cha.