New updates on 5 Cha contributors: Nabina Das, Reid Mitchell, Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Ricky Garni and Vinita Agrawal

Nabina Das

“Eyes”, a short story by Nabina Das, is now available in Open Road Review. A squall gets the power out.
|| Nabina Das’s poetry was published in Issue #10 of Cha.


Reid Mitchell

“Sea Shells”, a new poem by Reid Mitchell, is featured in Reprint Poetry. What if the circus arrives?
|| Read Reid Mitchell’s Cha profile.


Mia Ayumi Malhotra

Mia Ayumi Malhotra’s  “[A MECHANICAL BEEPING FILLS THE SPACE]” is available in DIAGRAM. A woman touches her eyes with a white tissue.
|| Mia Ayumi Malhotra’s poetry was published in issue #15 of Cha. 

Ricky Garni
Ricky Garni‘s poem “Barbara Stanwyck” is available in Commas and Colons. Would do anything to please a man.
 || Ricky Garni’s poem “Literal Translation of Korean Ideograms” was published in Issue #16 of Cha and was creatively responded on A Cup of Fine Tea. His poem “Tarsier” was published in Issue #18 of Cha and was discussed on A Cup of Fine Tea.


Vinita Agrawal
Vinita Agrawal’s poem “Mortakka”is included in the anthology entitled The Poetry of Yoga, which was released to mark the special date of 12/12/12 by One Community. More information about The Poetry of Yoga can be found here. Half the proceeds from the book will go to One Community. 
 || Vinita Agrawal’s poetry was published in Issue #16 and Issue #17 of Cha.


New updates on 4 Cha contributors: Christopher Leibow, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Kaitlin Solimine and Jason Lee

Christopher Anthony Leibow

Christopher Anthony Leibow‘s “I will draw two ravens” (in five poems) is now available in Reprint Poetry, a new publication which is interested in resurrecting previously published poetry.
|| Christopher Anthony Leibow’s artwork is forthcoming in the June 2012 issue of Cha. 


Nicholas Y.B. Wong and Kaitlin Solimine 

Nicholas Y.B. Wong‘s poems “An Incredibly Brief Morning Directory to the City” (pp. 52-53) and “Mirr-man-or” (pp. 104-105) and Kaitlin Solimine‘s short story “Flying Lesson” (pp. 84-98) are included in the new edition of Two Thirds North. Download the entire issue here (pdf). 

||  See Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s Cha’s profile here.
|| Kaitlin Solimine’s fiction was published in Issue #14 of Cha.


Jason Lee

Congratulations to Jason Lee! his poetry manuscript has been shortlisted for the Melita Hume Poery Prize, run by Eyewear Publishing

|| Read Jason Lee’s Cha profile. His poem “45 Belgrave Square”, published in Issue #6 of the journal, was discussed on A Cup of Fine Tea.