New updates on 3 Cha contributors: Rumjhum Biswas, Bob Bradshaw and Royston Tester

Rumjhum Biswas

Rumjhum Biswas‘s poem “The Fish, The Sea, and Me”, previously published in Contemporary Rhyme, is now reprinted in Wisdom Crieth Without. The poem has this line: ‘There, right there, I found a fish on the sand’. What will happen to this fish? Read on.  
|| See Rumjhum Biswas’s Cha profile. 


Bob Bradshaw

Bob Bradshaw’s poem “Coleridge” is now published in the May 2012 issue of Red River Review. Dorothy Wordsworth and her brother appear in the poem too.
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Royston Tester

 Congratulations to Cha‘s Associate Editor Royston Tester! His second collection of short fiction, Fatty Goes to China, published by Tightrope Books, will be launched on 20 June 2012  (7pm) at Revival, on College Street  in Toronto’s Little Italy. The title story “Fatty Goes to China” was published in the March 2012 issue of Cha.
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Updates on 8 contributors: Arthur Leung, Daryl Yam, Cyril Wong, Ivy Alvarez, Marc Vincenz, Rumjhum Biswas, Dena Rash Guzman and Kristine Ong Muslim

Arthur Leung, Daryl Yam and Cyril Wong

The new issue of Quarterly Literary Review Singapore is now available! Read Arthur Leung’s “Chicken Rice in Singapore” (a reinterpretation of Leung Ping-kwan’s Chinese poem), Daryl Yam’s stories “It’s Not Valid” and “Love Is A Killer” and Cyril Wong’s regular column, Acid Tongue – this time the topic is “More things wrong in American poetry”. There is also a review of Chris Mooney-Singh’s The Bearded Chameleon by David Fedo in the new issue. 
|| See Arthur Leung’s Cha profile.
|| Daryl Yam’s poetry is forthcoming in Issue #17 of Cha.
|| Cyril Wong’s poetry was published in Issue#1 of Cha. 
|| Chris Mooney-Singh’s poetry was published in Issue #2 of Cha.


Ivy Alvarez

Ivy Alvarez‘s poem “An Unidentified Man” is published in the April 2012 issue of Our Own Voice.   

|| See Ivy Alvarez’s Cha profile. 


Marc Vincenz

A Russian translation of Marc Vincenz’s poem, “Taishan Mountain”, translated by Jenya Krein, is published in the new issue of the Russian-language literary journal OKNO. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read/see the poem in Russian. You can also read the English original and Marc’s discussion of it on the Lantern Review blog

|| See Marc Vincenz’s Cha profile.

Rumjhum Biswas
Rumjhum Biswas’s poem “Last Night I Dreamed of Valpolicella” is available on Every Day Poets.
 || See Rumjhum Biswas’s Cha profile. 

Dena Rash Guzman
Read Dena Rash Guzman’s discussion of Zachary Schomburg’s video poem “Your Limbs Will Be Torn Off In a Farm Accident” on The Rumpus. It’s a beautiful poem and Dena’s personal take on it is equally beautiful.
|| Dena Rash Guzman’s poetry was published in Issue #15 and Issue #16 of Cha.


Kristine Ong Muslim
Kristine Ong Muslim‘s poem “The Half-Butterfly” is available in Punchnel’s.  
|| Kristine Ong Muslim’s poetry was published in issue #9 of Cha and her poem “Preface to a Pornographer’s Dirty Book” is discussed here.


New updates on 7 Cha contributors: Lyn Lifshin, Ricky Garni, Nabina Das, Anindita Sengupta, Sumana Roy, Nikesh Murali and Rumjhum Biswas

Lyn Lifshin and Ricky Garni

The April 2012 issue of Pirene’s Fountain is now available and Lyn Lifshin is one of the featured poets. Read her “Reading Song to a Sea Gull” and “I Think I Understand” as well as an interview with her. Ricky Garni‘s poem “Before You Go” is also featured in the new issue. Has he made you rethink your reaction to Rumi?
|| Lyn Lifshin’s poetry was published in issue 4 and issue 10 of Cha.
|| Ricky Garni’s poetry was published in Issue #16 of Cha. 


Nabina Das, Anindita Sengupta, Sumana Roy, Nikesh Murali and Rumjhum Biswas

The April 2012 issue of The Four Quarters Magazine, guest edited by Nabina Das (there is an editorial by Nabina), is now out! It features poetry by Anindita Sengupta (“How to Make a Cup”, “Grihapravesh”, “The Smell of Water”, pp. 9-10) and Sumana Roy (“Anger”, “Lunch”, pp. 38-39); creative non-fiction by Sumana Roy (“In the Chicken’s Neck”, pp. 57-63); and fiction by Nikesh Murali (“The Note”, p. 83) and Rumjhum Biswas (“Old Man Sitting on a South Kolkata Park Bench, Ruminating”, pp. 87-90).
Read the entire issue here.
|| Nabina Das’s poetry was published in Issue #10 of Cha.
|| Anindita Sengupta‘s poetry was published in issue #3 of Cha.
|| See Sumana Roy’s Cha profile.
|| Nikesh Murali’s fiction was published in issue #8 of Cha.
|| See Rumjhum Biswas’s Cha profile. 


New updates on 5 Cha contributors: Marc Vincenz, Mani Rao, Eleanor Goodman, Grace V. S. Chin and Rumjhum Biswas

Marc Vincenz, Mani Rao and Eleanor Goodman

The April 2012 issue of Asymptote is now available and you can read Marc Vincenz‘s Mani Rao‘s and Eleanor Goodman‘s work in it.
|| Read Marc Vincenz’s Cha profile. 
|| Mani Rao’s poetry was published in Issue #1 of Cha.
|| Eleanor Goodman’s poetry and translation were published in Issue 14 of Cha.


Grace V. S. Chin

In the Spotlight: Bruneian Plays in English, an anthology edited by Grace V. S. Chin, is now published! Learn more about the book here.

|| Grace V. S. Chin’s poetry was published in Issue #4 and Issue #5 of Cha. Her poem “Clotheslines” was discussed on A Cup of Fine Tea. 


Rumjhum Biswas

 Congratulations to Rumjhum Biswas! Her short story “The Well” has been named the winner of Anam Cara Short Fiction Competition. The judge Vanessa Gebbie has the following to say about Rumjhum’s work: “I thought the interpretation of the theme was great – slightly off-centre, unexpected and original. So many congratulations to the writer”. Rumjhum has won a place on Vanessa Gebbie’s short fiction retreatLearn more about the competition and other winning stories here
|| See Rumjhum Biswas’s Cha profile. 


Cha contributors in Mascara Literary Review

The following Cha contributors have new creative works published in the May 2011 issue of Mascara Literary Review.

-Rumjhum Biswas: Fiction (“Ducklings”)