New updates on 3 Cha contributors: Alvin Pang, Arjun Rajendran and Vaughan Rapatahana

Alvin Pang

Alvin Pang’s When the Barbarians Arrive, a selection of works from his previous five collections, is now available from Arc Publications! The selection ranges from love poems to satirical writing. These are poems that are “wry and shrewd, intelligent and sensitive”. They are also “at once recognizably national and international in reach, offering a fresh edgy energy to the wave of urban poetry emerging from Singapore”. Learn more about When the Barbarians Arrive here.

|| Alvin Pang’s poetry was published in issue #2 of Cha and his photographs were published in issue #12 and issue #16 of the journal.


Arjun Rajendran

|| Arjun Rajendran’s poetry was published in Issue #11 of Cha.


Vaughan Rapatahana

Two poems by Vaughan Rapatahana are now published in Rem Magazine

|| Vaughan Rapatahana’s poetry was published in Issue #8 of Cha.


Kristine Ong Muslim in Softblow

Four poems by Kristine Ong Muslim, “P is for Phyllis”, “The Gospel of Tango”, “Blink Once, Said the Little Town” and “The night he died” are now published in 2010’s last edition of Softblow. Read the poems here.

Kristine Ong Muslim’s poetry was published in issue #9 of Cha.