Tiziano Fratus’s HOMO RADIX

Do you love trees? Tiziano Fratus has the perfect book for you. Tiziano’s new book HOMO RADIX: Appunti per un cercatore di alberi (Notes for a seeker of trees), written in Italian, is about old trees, in Italy, Europe and the World; it is a diary of trips, a book of New Nature Writing thoughts and a collection of beautiful photographs of trees.

Homo Radix is published by Marco valerio and it contains 40 notes for tree seekers with 60 pictures of old monumental trees. You can read excerpt from the book, a detailed description and view some photographs here.

ALSO visit the official blog of Homo Radix.

Tiziano Fratus’s poetry was published in issue #5 of Cha.

Tiziano Fratus’s translation in Ludwig

May 2010
Ludwig 4
Cahier internazionale di Poesia
In questo numero poesie di:
– Mariela Griffor (Cile/USA), traduzione di Eliana D. Langiu
– Tammy Ho Lai-Ming (Hong Kong), traduzione di Tiziano Fratus
– Arthur Bidegain (Francia), traduzione di Michela Orio
– Robin Czarniack (Francia), traduzione di Michela Orio
– Julien Derome (Francia), traduzione di Michela Orio
pagine 100 – € 10.oo

Tiziano Fratus’s poetry was published in issue #5 of Cha.

Tiziano Fratus’s CREATURING: Selected poems

CREATURING by Tiziano Fratus

Cha contributor Tiziano Fratus’s new poetry collection Creaturing: Selected Poems is now out. It is published by Marick Press, Grosse Pointe Farm / Detroit (2010). Translations by Francesco Levato (The Poetry Center of Chicago).
Tiziano will be doing a book tour:
4 april 2010 – Bowery Poetry Club, New York
5 april 2010 – Columbia University, New York
7 april 2010 – Macalester College, St. Paul
7 april 2010 – Open Book – Milkweed, Minneapolis
8 april 2010 – Bookshop Micawbers, St. Paul
9 april 2010 – University of Illinois, Chicago
12 april 2010 – Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Chicago
15 april 2010 – Poets Follies Reading Series, Ewald Library, Grosse Pointe Park / Detroit
19 april 2010 – San Diego State University, San Diego
21 april 2010 – The Felix Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz
«Tiziano Fratus is a passionate poet with a clear,distinct voice and a keen awareness that history opens thedoor of our future. We have much to learn from these engagedand engaging poems, much for which to be genuinelygrateful» (Sam Hamill – Poets Against War)
«Fratus’ poetry explores what it means to be a youngItalian poet today in the shadow of historical, cultural,and traditional forces» (Francesco Levato – The PoetryCenter of Chicago)
«In his writing, Fratus is guided by an uncommon urgencyand unconditional faith in poetry; his writing doesn’t holdback on its energy» (Antonello Borra – University ofVermont)
More about Creaturing: Selected Poems can be found here.
Tiziano Fratus’s poetry was published in issue #5 of Cha.