CHA’s Best of the Net 2013 Nominations

ImageThe End of Summer, oil on canvas, 142 x 205 cm (by Mia Funk)

We are happy to announce that the following pieces of work, selected from the September 2012, March 2013, and June 2012 issues of Cha, have been nominated by us for inclusion in Best of the Net Anthology 2013 (published by Sundress). Congratulations to these writers and good luck!


1. ‘We’ by May Dy ::::: Issue #18 (September 2012)
[Read an analysis of this poem here.]
2. A Smoke Bread at the Nuclear Command’ by Koon Woon ::::: Issue #18 (September 2012)
4. ‘This, and This’ by Mark Anthony Cayanan ::::: Issue 20 (March 2013) Link: 
5. ‘A Question Before Slumber’ by Raydon L. Reyes ::::: Issue #21 (June 2013) Link:
 1. ‘Love is No Big Truth’ by Amanda Lee Koe ::::: Issue #20 (March 2013) Link: 
 2. ‘Rising River’ by Sim Wai Chew ::::: Issue #21 (June 2013) Link: 
Metamorphosis, oil on canvas, 166 x 230 cm (by Mia Funk)

 1. ‘Zithering Away’ by Sarah Coomber ::::: Issue #18 (September 2012) Link: 
 2. ‘Native Language’ by Tracy Slater ::::: Issue #20 (March 2012) Link:



Cha’s March 2013 Issue (#20) Launch Reading at AWP

There will be a launch reading for the March 2013 issue of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal at AWP. The event will be hosted by guest editors Kaitlin Solimine and Marc Vincenz and co-hosted by the Fairbank Center forChinese Studies at Harvard University.
Feature readings by past and current Cha contributors Eleanor Goodman, Bill Lantry, Kim Liao, Mai Mang (Yibing Huang), Tracy Slater, Marc Vincenz, and Nicholas YB Wong