The March 2015 Issue of Cha is HERE. 

The March 2015 Issue of Cha is HERE

The delayed March 2015 Issue of Cha is here. We would like to thank guest editors Dorothy Chan (poetry) and David Raphael Israel (prose) for reading the submissions with us and helping us put together the new edition. We would also like to thank Eddie Tay for the fine selection of book reviews and Vinita Agrawal for reading the contest poems and writing a commentary. The issue includes an editorial titled “A Wintry Hypothesis” by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming.

The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:

The Other Side Poetry: Xi Xi, Jennifer Feeley, Lian-Hee Wee, Louise Ho, Ting Wei Tai, Stephen Cloud, Joshua Burns, Michael Gray, Deborah Guzzi, Martin Kovan 
“The Other Side” poetry contest winners: Arian Tejano, Arup K Chatterjee, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Lachlan Brown, Ken Jackson, Aditi Rao, Brian Ng, Carissa Ma
Fiction: Henry Wei Leung, Kyra Ballesteros, Charles Hayes, Fatima Lim-Wilson 
Creative non-fiction: Christopher Hill
Photography & art: Eddie Tay, Edgar Yuanbo Mao (cover artist), John Fredricks
Reviews: Elen Turner, Alice Tsay, Chloe Li, Arielle Stambler, Emily Chow  

Our next issue, Issue 28, will be published in June 2015. We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 29, scheduled for September 2015. If you are interested in having your work considered for inclusion in Cha, please read our submission guidelines carefully.


CHA Issue #23 goes live



The belated Sixth Anniversary Issue of Cha (March 2014) is here. We would like to thank guest editors Arthur Leung (poetry) and Royston Tester (prose) for reading the submissions with us and helping us put together a great edition. We would also like to thank Eddie Tay for another fine selection of book reviews and Daryl Yam for reading the contest poems and writing a commentary on why we chose the poems. The issue includes an editorial by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming titled “Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women”.

The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:

Poetry: Reid Mitchell, B.B.P. Hosmillo, Renée M. Schell, Edward Ragg, Bryan Thao Worra, Mingjuan Tan, Reihana Robinson, Amy Uyematsu, Deborah Guzzi, Jenna Le, Ranu Uniyal, Suzanne Hermanoczki, Eileen Chong 
“Void” poetry contest winners: Catherine Edmunds, Richard L. Provencher, Arlene Yandug, Maj Ikle, Hao Guang Tse, Leondrea Tan, Amit Shankar Saha 
Fiction: Mark Crimmins, Sreedhevi Iyer, Peter Phillips, Peabody Winston 
Creative non-fiction: Mary J. Breen, Amanda Faye Lacson, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, Jyoti Omi Chowdhury
Excerpts: Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Christopher Taylor 
: Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang, Shaily Sahay
Lost tea: Fehmida Zakeer
Photography & art: Hu Jiamin (cover artist), Johanna Audiffred, Eddie Tay, Jyoti Omi Chowdhury 
Reviews & essays: John Wall Barger, William Noseworthy, Shaily Sahay, Emma Zhang, Bhanumati Mishra, Cecilia Chan, Elen Turner, Vaughan Rapatahana 

Our next issue is due out in late June 2014. We are currently accepting submissions for the September 2014 issue. If you are interested in having your work considered for inclusion in Cha, please read our submission guidelines carefully.



A Cha Poetry contest
This contest is run by Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. It is for unpublished poems on the theme of “Reconciliation”.  


  • Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is a Hong Kong-born poet. She is a founding co-editor of Cha
  • Jason Eng Hun Lee has been published in a number of journals and he has been a finalist for numerous international prizes, including the Melita Hume Poetry Prize (2012) and the Hong Kong University’s Poetry Prize (2010).


  • Each poet can submit up to two poems (no more than 80 lines long each).
  • Poems must be previously unpublished. 
  • Entry is free.
Closing date:
  • 15 September 2014
  • First: £50, Second: £30, Third: £15, Highly Commended (up to 5): £10 each. (Payable through Paypal.)
  • All winning poems (including the highly recommended ones) will receive first publication in a special section in the Seventh Anniversary Issue of Cha, due out in November/December 2014.
The prizes were generously donated by an expat reader residing in Hong Kong.
  • Submissions should be sent to with the subject line “Reconciliation”.
  • Poems must be sent in the body of the email.
  • Please also include a short biography of no more than 30 words.

Previous Cha contests:

Cha Flash Fiction Contest – shortlist

[click the image to enlarge]

Below is the shortlist for Cha‘s “Misinterpretation” Flash Fiction Contest. The three winning stories will be announced presently and published in the Fifth Anniversary Issue of Cha
Shortlisted entries:
-“Eclipsed” by Angelo B. Ancheta
-“My Bhua” by Hema.S.Raman
-“Dangerous Singing” by Rupprecht Mayer
-“Carol” by Stephanie Davies
-“People are Fundamental” by Tom Mangione
-“Happily Ever after” by Twish Mukherjee
-First: £50, Second: £30, Third: £20 (Payable through Paypal.)
-All three winning pieces will receive first publication in a special section in the fifth anniversary issue of Cha, due out in December 2012.
The prizes were generously donated by a reader in San Jose, USA.
-Reid Mitchell [profile]
-Tammy Ho [profile]

Cha’s breaking news

Looks like our internet service provider has been hacked and so our website is down. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the problem soon. We don’t want to give the hacker too much attention, but at least we can say he’s an Asian.

Call for Submissions: Trans-Scripts: an interdisciplinary online journal in the Humanities and Social Sciences

From the website of Trans-Scripts:
Trans-Scripts – a new interdisciplinary online journal in the Humanities and Social Sciences based at the University of California, Irvine – invites graduate students to submit their work. The theme of the inaugural issue will be “Race: Theories, Identities, Intersections, Histories, and the ‘Post-Racial’ Society.” Race has long been constructed differently across place and time. Recent British National Party successes in the UK underlined continuing race and class tensions surrounding immigration. Race informs Anti-Indian attacks in Australia, land ownership in Zimbabwe, discrimination by caste in India, and anti-Chinese laws in Indonesia. Conflicts in Palestine and Darfur, and international media coverage of them, are also in part defined by racial views. Claims that the U.S. is entering a “post-racial” period are belied by debates over healthcare, anti-immigration laws and reparations for slavery that continue both inside and out of academia. Just these few examples suggest that understanding different approaches to race remains crucial.

Trans-Scripts welcomes all submissions that engage topics related to “race.” They may, but certainly need not, address the examples above. As we believe that scholarship from a variety of approaches can help inform contemporary understandings, submissions need not conform to any disciplinary, methodological, temporal, or other criteria. They need only be original, well researched, and properly cited in MLA style. English language contributions from all universities in all countries will be considered.

By contributing work, unpublished students can gain experience of the peer-review process and achieve their first publication, while those already published gain further professionalization. Work should be between 3,000 and 12,000 words, including footnotes. The deadline for submission is 19th September, 2010. For the journal’s submission guidelines and review process, see here. Please, see our mission statement as well. For any further inquiries, contact the editors at

In addition to selected student work, renowned academics will contribute editorial pieces, offering students the chance to place their work in conversation with experts in various fields. Provisional agreements have been made with faculty such as Pal Ahluwalia (University of South Australia), Frank Dikötter (University of Hong Kong), Dan Cohn-Sherbok (Emeritus, University of Wales), Joy James (Williams College), Colin Dayan (Vanderbilt), Elizabeth Abel (University of California, Berkeley), William Deverell (University of Southern California), Hortense Spillers (Vanderbilt), and Tiya Miles (University of Michigan).
Visit the website here.

2010 Man Asian Literary Prize

Monica Ali, Homi K. Bhabha and Hsu-Ming Teo are the judges for the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize. There is a new format this year: the prize is opened to all novels by Asian writers published in English each year. The cash value of the prize increases to USD 30,000. More information here.

Call for submissions: Singapore poets before their first books

Firstfruits publications seeks submissions of poetry in English from Singapore poets who have yet to publish a full-length, single-author collection of poetry. Selected work will appear in an anthology titled Storm Glass: Singapore Poets Before Their First Book, to be published next year and edited by Nicholas Liu. All submissions must be sent before 1st September 2010.

-Only email submissions will be accepted.
-Send 6-8 poems to, either as a single attachment (.rtf or .doc only–no .docx files, please) or, if your poems’ formatting will not suffer for it, as text in the body of your email.
-Title your email “SUBMISSION: [Your Name Here]”
-At least half the poems submitted must be previously unpublished.
-Simultaneous submissions are permitted without reservations.
-Please do not include a cover letter at this time, but do include your name, home or mobile telephone number, **and a statement declaring that you fulfill both criteria for this anthology**.
-A biographical note will be requested if your submission is successful.

Q: Who is a “Singapore poet”?
A: Anyone who considers themselves such, within reason.

Q: What is a “full-length, single-author collection of poetry”?
A: Any book of poetry by a single writer exceeding 48 printed pages in extent, published in print or in the form of an e-book available for sale. Self-published collections do count.

Q: Will the poets included be paid?
A: There are no plans to pay contributors at the moment, although they will receive at least one free copy of the anthology. Firmer details will be available at a later date.

Q: When can I expect a response?
A: Submissions, successful or unsuccessful, will be responded to on an ongoing basis. All responses will be sent within a month of the close of open submissions.

Q: [Some other question]
A: Email your query to the same address listed above. Title your email “QUERY”.

See here for the original call.

URGENT: Bone marrow donor needed for 4 year old boy

In Washington, a local couple is searching for a bone marrow donor for their 4-year-old son. Because the parents are of different races, it is very difficult to find a match. And time is running out. The boy only has 12 weeks left. Are you a mixed Indian/Caucasian? Do you know any friends who are mixed Indian/Caucasian? Please contact the family or spread the word.
Read more here.

Call for Submissions: "Mapping Me, a Landscape of Women’s Stories"


A new anthology project titled Mapping Me, a Landscape of Women’s Stories is currently seeking submissions from women writers and visual artists.By asking the fundamental question “Who am I?” this book will explore the complexities and connections — the invisible threads — between women in various cultures, generations and walks of life. For submission guidelines please contact or follow our developments at

Dominic, Sarah, of the Kindley Ones feature Shawn Sage and Rocco de Giacomo

Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2010
Time: 20:30 – 23:30
Location: TKO Lounge
Street: 1600 Danforth Ave.
Town/City: Toronto, ON
Description: Dominic von Riedemann and @Sarah von Riedemann will host the Coffeehouse Cabaret @ TKO’s (1600 Danforth) on Tuesday, April 13th, with Shawn Sage and @Rocco de Giacomo featuring. Open Stage.

Rocco De Giacomo’s poetry has been published in issue #4 and issue #10 of Cha.