Cha’s 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominations (Part II)

Also see Part I.

We at Cha would like to announce our nominations for the 2012 Pushcart Prize:

John McKernan, “We Used Chalk” (Issue #15, November 2011).
W.F. Lantry, “Silk Road” (Issue #15, November 2011).
Nicholas Y.B. Wong, “Panda, Macao, Gondolas” (Issue #15, November 2011).

Congratulations to the above nominees. We wish you the best of luck and thank you for letting us publish your wonderful work.

Thank you, Robert E. Wood (Poetry Guest Editor, Issue #15) for his suggestions. A number of Cha readers also kindly told us their favourite pieces in the issue.

Also see our Best of the Net nominations this year.

W.F. Lantry in THIS Literary Journal

Eight poems by W.F. Lantry are now published in the September/October 2011 issue of THIS Literary Journal. They are “Quatorze Juillet”, “Sumeria”, “Sandhi”, “Manzanita”, “Revision”, “Flow”, “Five Years” and “On Possibilities”. You can also read Bill’s artist statement here and an interview with THIS editor here. Bill is the publication’s third Poet Spotlight.

See W.F. Lantry’s Cha profile.

Cha contributors in Horizon Review

The sixth issue of Salt’s Horizon Review is now live and four Cha contributors have new works in it. Read W.F. Lantry’s “Periplus”, Alistair Noon’s “From Earth Records”, Todd Swift’s “Hunting Party” and “Old Master” and Wena Poon’s “Sanjay Patel of Palo Alto California”

W.F. Lantry in The Tower Journal

Five new poems by W.F. Lantry, “Prime”, “Gathering Flowers”, “Physick”, “Lectio” and “Waking Dream”, are now published in the Fall 2011 issue of The Tower Journal. Read them here.

with each new daylight, praise what can’t be seenbut only felt, as if the waterfallsoutside us are within, as if a case,locked, holds a jewel –from “Prime” 

W.F. Lantry’s poetry was published in Issue #12 and Issue #14 of Cha. 

Best of the Net 2011 Nominations

We are happy to announce that the following pieces of work have been nominated by Cha for inclusion in Best of the Net Anthology 2011, published by Sundress. Congratulations to these writers and good luck!


=W.F. Lantry, “Rainbow Bridge” (issue #12, September 2010)

=Phill Provance, “St. Petersburg Has Many Churches” Read an analysis of the poem here.(issue #12, September 2010)

=Rumjhum Biswas, “Bones” Read an analysis of the poem here. (issue #12, September 2010)

=Divya Rajan, “Ode to Poetry”  (issue #13, February 2011)

=Vineet Kaul, “Parapraxis” (issue #13, February 2011)

=Graeme Brasher, “Mereles” (issue #13, February 2011)


=Shivani Sivagurunathan, “The Bat Whisperer” (issue #13, February 2011)

=Elizabeth Weinberg, “The Earth That Stands Before Us” (issue #12, September 2010)

Iris A. Law’s “Circumnavigation” (issue #7) was selected for publication in Best of the Net 2009 and Lillian Kwok’s “Departure” (issue #8) was selected as a Finalist in 2010. 

W.F. Lantry and Robert Raymer in Istanbul Literary Review

New works by W.F. Lantry and Robert Raymer are now featured in the current edition of Istanbul Literary Review (Issue #20). Read Bill’s three poems (“Miranda”, “Deirdre”, and “Green Tara”) and the short story “Lake Mirror” as well as Robert’s story “Home For Hari Raya”.

  • W.F. Lantry’s poetry was published in Issue #12 of Cha.
  • Robert Raymer’s short story “On Fridays” was published in Issue #12of Cha.

W. F. Lantry in Stymie Magazine

W.F. Lantry’s poem “Because It Is Bitter, And Because It Is My Heart”, is now published in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Stymie Magazine. Click the image above to go to view the issue. Bill’s poem is on p. 55.

W.F. Lantry’s poetry was published in Issue #12 of Cha.