One thought on “Conversation

  1. How can you know
    What's inside your head
    Is it inside the cupboard
    That's inside the lake
    That's inside your head
    Or inside my head. or
    Inside both our heads?

    Is my head inside your head
    Or your head inside mine?
    I tried looking in a mirror
    Through the mirror eyes,
    Back in the back
    Deeper and deeper
    Past the Brain
    Past the Mind
    Past the Soul
    Past the Flame
    No, No clock there
    No cupboard,
    No lake,
    Some crazy poems, yes
    Some funny flowers
    drifting on the sky
    White Egrets on fences
    Watching cars pass.

    I'm too tired to go on
    Will you please keep looking
    Let me know if you find my mind
    Though if it wants to wander
    I wouldn't mind one bit

    Good luck with the clock
    And its ticking tocks
    Or Tocking ticks
    I'm sure they'll show up
    Sooner or later
    Though I suspect
    The Cheshire Cat knows
    More than we do. πŸ˜‰



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