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Issue 45 (January/February 2020)

  • Nashua Gallagher reviews Marc Nair’s Vital Possessions {Read}
  • Phoebe Tsang reviews Tiffany Tsao’s The Majesties {Read}
  • Simon Cartledge reviews Richard McGregor’s Xi Jinping: The Backlash {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Jeff Wasserstrom’s Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink {Read}
  • Akin Jeje reviews Bei Dao’s Blue House, translated by Ted Huters and Feng-ying Ming {Read}
  • Danielle Karanjeet J. de Feo-Giet reviews Song Lin’s Sunday Sparrows, translated by Jami Proctor Xu {Read}
  • Reid Mitchell reviews Wai-Lim Yip’s Arrivals and Departures: Poems, Memoir, and Chronology {Read}
  • Raphael Chim reviews Sreedhevi Iyer’s Jungle without Water and Other Stories {Read}
  • Kate Rogers reviews Xu Xi’s This Fish Is Fowl {Read}
  • Isabelle Lim reviews Hamid Roslan’s parsetreeforestfire {Read}
  • Joshua Bird reviews David Walker’s Stranded Nation: White Australia in an Asian Region {Read}
  • Marsha McDonald reviews Eddie Tay’s Anything You Can Get Away With: Creative Practices {Read}
  • Wei Ting Jen reviews is Teo You Yenn’s This is What Inequality Looks Like {Read}
  • Dragoş Ilca reviews Matt Tuner’s Not Moving {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Lindsay Varty’s Sunset Survivors: Meet the People Keeping Hong Kong’s Traditional Industries Alive (with photographs by Gary Jones) {Read}
  • Grace Chia reviews Maria Cheng, Tang Wai Hung and Eric Choy’s Essential Terms of Chinese Painting {Read}
  • Perry Bayer reviews Vaughan Rapatahana’s Novel {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Mary Lynn Bracht’s White Chrysanthemum {Read}
  • Alana Leilani Teves Cabrera-Narciso reviews Eileen R. Tabios’s Amnesia: Somebody’s Memoir and Lawrence Lacambra Ypil’s The Experiment of the Tropics {Read}
  • David Wayne Landrum reviews Wawa’s Anna and Anna {Read}

from Issue 44 (June/July 2019)

  • May Huang reviews Mi Jialu’s Deep Breaths: Collected Poems of Mi JIalu 1981-2018, translated by Jennifer Feeley, Matt Turner, Haiying Weng, Lucas Klein, Michael Day, and Feng Yi {Read}
  • Isabelle Lim reviews Hook and Eye: Stories from the Margins, edited by Philip Holden {Read}
  • Sumit Ray reviews Sumana Roy’s Out of Syllabus: Poem {Read}
  • Cameron White reviews the “City Issue: Hong Kong” in World Literature Today, Volume 93 No. 2 {Read}
  • Tom Marling reviews Anna Wang’s Inconvenient Memories: A Personal Account of the Tiananmen Square Incident and the China Before and After {Read}
  • Kathy Yanbin Cai reviews The Reincarnated Giant: Twenty-First-Century Chinese Science Fiction, edited by Mingwei Song and Theodore Huters {Read}
  • Emma Zhang reviews Kai-Fu Lee’s AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order {Read}
  • Henrik Hoeg reviews Joshua Ip’s footnotes on falling {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Frank Langfitt’s The Shanghai Free Taxi: Journeys with the Hustlers and Rebels of the New China {Read}
  • David Wayne Landrum reviews Mao Xiang’s The Romance of a Literatus and his Concubine in Seventeenth-Century China, translated by Jan Fang and Lifang He {Read}
  • Marsha McDonald reviews Leanne Dunic’s To Love the Coming End {Read}
  • Andrew Barker reviews Henrik Hoeg’s Away with Words: Poetry and Translations {Read}
  • Emma Zhang reviews Zak Dychtwald’s Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World {Read}
  • Aakriti Kuntal reviews Kiriti Sengupta’s Rituals {Read}
  • Lindsay Shen reviews Jason Wee’s An Epic of Durable Departures {Read}
  • David Haysom reviews Can Xue’s Love in the New Millennium (translator: Annelise Finegan Wasmoen) {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Stephen Davies’s Strong to Save: Maritime Mission in Hong Kong, from Whampoa Reach to the Mariners’ Club {Read}


from Issue 43—”Writing Macau” (April 2019)—Macau & General Reviews

  • Michael Ka-chi Cheuk reviews Gao Xingjian’s Wandering Mind and Metaphysical Thoughts, translated by Gilbert C. F. Fong {Read}
  • Pinky Lui Chung-Man reviews Marshall Moore’s Inhospitable {Read}
  • Aurelio Asiain reviews Gergana Ivanova’s Unbinding The Pillow Book: The Many Lives of a Japanese Classic {Read}
  • Dragoş Ilca reviews Sheng Keyi’s Wild Fruit, translated by Shelly Bryant {Read}
  • Michael Tsang reviews Xu Xi’s Insignificance {Read}
  • Stephanie Studzinski reviews Greg Santos’s Blackbirds, Anuradha Vijayakrishnan’s The Who-Am-I Bird, Vaughan Rapatahana’s Ternion, and Dan Disney’s Either, Orpheus {Read}
  • Kate Rogers reviews Konstandinos Mahoney’s Tutti Frutti {Read}
  • Claire Cuccio reviews Makoto Ōoka’s Beneath the Sleepless Tossing of the Planets: Selected Poems, translated by Janine Beichman {Read}
  • Carolyn Lau reviews Huang Lihai’s feed birds rainbows, translated by Kit Kelen and Chris Song; Yao Feng’s Great Wall Capriccio and Other Poems, translated by Kit Kelen, Karen Kun and Penny Fang Xia; and Béatrice Machet’s For Unity {Read}
  • Akin Jeje reviews Hong Kong Noir, edited by Jason Y. Ng and Susan Blumberg-Kason {Read}
  • Mario Rustan reviews Patrick H. Hase’s Forgotten Heroes: San On County and its Magistrates in the Late Ming and Early Qing {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Ivy Ngeow’s Heart of Glass {Read}
  • Emma Zhang reviews Ha Jin’s The Banished Immortal: A Life of Li Bai {Read}
  • Wong Wen Pu reviews Kirsten Han’s The Silhouette of Oppression, Alfian Sa’at’s A Manifesto for Arts Funding, Kuik Shiao-Yin’s The Power of a People, and Bilahari Kausikan’s China is Messing with Your Mind {Read}
  • Ophelia Tung Ho Yiu reviews Kit Kelen’s As to the ladders of whichway and Roger Palmer and Tim Simpson’s macao macau {Read}
  • Ilaria Maria Sala reviews Quelling the Demons’ Revolt: A Novel from Ming China by Luo Guanzhong (attributed author), translated by Patrick Hanan {Read}
  • Jason S Polley reviews Yi T’aejun’s Dust and Other Stories, translated by Janet Poole  {Read}
  • Gabrielle Flores reviews Gina Apostol’s Insurrecto {Read}
  • Jennifer Mackenzie reviews Brian Castro and John Young’s Macau Days {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Nigel Collett’s A Death in Hong Kong: The MacLennan Case of 1980 and the Suppression of a Scandal {Read}


from Issue 42—Eleventh Anniversary Issue (January 2019)

  • Ilaria Maria Sala reviews Christina Yi’s Colonizing Language: Cultural Production and Language Politics in Modern Japan and Korea {Read}
  • Chloe Leung reviews Cheryl Pallant’s Ginseng Tango {Read}
  • Alana Leilani Teves Cabrera-Narciso reviews Cindy Rinne’s Quiet Lantern: A Novel in Verse, Khairani Barokka’s Rope and Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta’s Hush Harbor {Read}
  • Alana Leilani Teves Cabrera-Narciso reviews Sarge Lacuesta’s A Waiting Room Companion {Read}
  • Michael Tsang reviews Wendy Chen’s Unearthings {Read}
  • Michael Tsang reviews Tarō Naka’s Music: Selected Poems, translated by Andrew Houwen and Chikako Nihei {Read}
  • Artemis Lin reviews Kaili Blues (Lu bian ye can), directed by Bi Gan {Read}
  • Joyce Lau reviews Joshua Samuel Brown and Stephanie Huffman’s Formosa Moon {Read}
  • Zeny May Dy Recidoro reviews Monsters, Animals, and Other Worlds: A Collection of Short Medieval Japanese Tales, edited by Keller Kimbrough and Haruo Shirane {Read}
  • Swathi Parasuraman reviews Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West {Read}
  • Daryl Lim Wei Jie reviews Yang Mu’s Hawk of the Mind: Collected Poems, edited by Michelle Yeh {Read}
  • Angela Qian reviews John Nathan’s Sōseki: Modern Japan’s Greatest Novelist {Read}
  • James Au Kin-Pong reviews Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s In Black and White, translated by Phyllis I. Lyons {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason responds to Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz’s response to her review of Eileen Chang’s Little Reunions, translated by Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz {Read}
  • Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz respond to Susan Blumberg-Kason’s review of  Eileen Chang’s Little Reunions, translated by Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz {Read}
  • Kate Rogers reviews Rochelle Potkar’s Paper Asylum and Four Degrees of Separation {Read}
  • Paoi Wilmer reviews Chi Pang-yuan’s The Great Flowing River: A Memoir of China, from Manchuria to Taiwan, translated by John Balcom {Read}
  • Nina Powles reviews Nashua Gallagher’s All the Words a Stage {Read}
  • John W. Steele reviews Jenna Le’s A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora {Read}
  • Maialen Marin-Lacarta reviews Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories: A Parallel Text, edited and translated by Aili Mu, with Mike Smith {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Eileen Chang’s Little Reunions, translated by Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz {Read}
  • Ronald Torrance reviews Su Tong’s Petulia’s Rouge Tin, translated by Jane Weizhen Pan and Martin Merz {Read}
  • Jason S Polley reviews Kawika Guillermo’s Stamped: An Anti-travel Novel {Read}

.from Issue 41—”Writing Singapore” (October 2018)

  • Michael Tsang reviews Crazy Rich Asians (novel and film) {Read}
  • Sandro Lau reviews Victor Fernando R. Ocampo’s The Infinite Library and Other Stories and This is How You Walk on the Moon, edited by Patricia Karunungan, Samuel Caleb Wee and Wong Wen Pu {Read}
  • Anna Onni reviews Shubigi Rao’s Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book Volume I of V {Read}
  • Kate Rogers reviews Toh Hsien Min’s Dans Quel Sens Tombent Les Feuilles, translated by Jacques Rancourt and From Walden to Woodlands: An Anthology of Nature Poems, edited by Ow Yeong Wai Kit and Muzakkir Samat {Read}
  • Joshua Ip reviews Rachel Heng’s Suicide Club {Read}
  • Jerome Lim reviews Alvin Pang’s What Happened: Poems 1997–2017 {Read}
  • Pow Jun Kai reviews In Transit: An Anthology from Singapore on Airports and Air Travel, edited by Zhang Ruihe and Yu-Mei Balasingamchow {Read}
  • Stephanie Studzinski reviews Audrey Chin’s Nine Cuts and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé’s Babel Via Negativa {Read}
  • Mandy Chi Man Lo reviews Jeremy Tiang’s State of Emergency and Living with Myths in Singapore, edited by Loh Kah Seng, Thum Ping Tjin and Jack Meng-Tat Chia {Read}
  • Al Lim reviews Daryl Lim Wei Jie’s A Book of Changes {Read}
  • Chloe Leung reviews Grace Chia’s The Wanderlusters {Read}
  • Samantha Toh reviews Cheryl Julia Lee’s We Were Always Eating Expired Things {Read}
  • Angus Whitehead reviews Jennifer Anne Champion’s Caterwaul {Read}
  • Paul Jerusalem reviews Ng Yi-Sheng’s A Book of Hims {Read}
  • Ann Ang reviews Sharlene Teo’s Ponti {Read}
  • Theophilus Kwek reviews Kirstin Chen’s Bury What We Cannot Take and Suchen Christine Lim’s The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong: Stories of the Unsung, Unsaid and Uncelebrated in Singapore {Read}
  • Ng Yi-Sheng review Kevin Martens Wong’s Altered Straits and JY Yang’s Tensorate Series {Read}
  • Angus Whitehead reviews Samuel Lee’s A Field Guide to Supermarkets in Singapore {Read}
  • Patrick Jiang reviews Gwee Li Sui’s Spiaking Singlish: A Companion to How Singaporeans Communicate {Read}
  • Nina Powles reviews Grace Chia’s Mother of All Questions {Read}

from Issue 40—”Writing the Philippines” (July 2018)

  • Carolyn Lau reviews Alma Cruz Miclat’s Soul Searchers and Dreamers: Artists’ Profiles {Read}
  • Janice Tsang reviews Bending Without Breaking: Thirteen Women’s Stories of Migration and Resilience, edited by Monette Bichsel, Lenny Kaye Bugayong and Lily C. Fen {Read}
  • Karlo Antonio Galay David reviews Mindanao Harvest 3: An Anthology of Retold Tales of Mindanao, edited by Christine Godinez-Ortega {Read}
  • Chloe Leung reviews Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon’s People in Panic {Read}
  • Goh Cheng Fai Zach reviews Johanna Michelle Lim’s What Distance Tells Us: Travel Essays about the Philippines {Read}
  • Natalia Delazari reviews Angelo R. Lacuesta’s Coral Cove and Other Stories, {Read}
  • Alfred A. Yuson reviews Francis C. Macansantos’s Snail Fever {Read}
  • Sandro Lau reviews David R. Brubaker’s Liberace’s Filipino Cousin {Read}
  • Christian Benitez reviews Charlie Samuya Veric’s Histories {Read}
  • Jennifer Mackenzie reviews Tim Tomlinson’s Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse {Read}
  • Jason G. Coe reviews Christopher B. Patterson’s Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific {Read}

from Issue 39 (April 2018)

  • Kate Rogers reviews Stephanie Han’s Swimming in Hong Kong {Read}
  • Goh Cheng Fai Zach reviews Malachi Edwin Vethamani’s Complicated Lives and Malchin Testament: Malaysian Poems, edited by Malachi Edwin Vethamani {Read}
  • Michael Tsang reviews Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s I Want to Go Home (translator: Miki Hawkinson) {Read}
  • Kevin Tan Kwan Wei reviews Warran Kalasegaran’s Lieutenant Kurosawa’s Errand Boy {Read}
  • Grace Chia reviews Jang Hoon’s A Taxi Driver (Taeksi Woonjunsa) {Read}
  • Matt Turner reviews Paul French’s Bloody Saturday: Shanghai’s Darkest Day {Read}
  • Vivian Tang reviews Chung Man Yee’s And I Hate You So (Siu chan chan) {Read}
  • Wong Wen Pu reviews Boey Kim Cheng’s Gull Between Heaven and Earth {Read}
  • Brian Haman reviews Mohamed Latiff Mohamed’s Lost Nostalgia (translated by Nazry Bahrawi) {Read}
  • Ilaria Maria Sala reviews Wu He’s Remains of Life (translated by Michael Berry) {Read}
  • Rochelle Potkar reviews Kate Rogers’s Out of Place {Read}
  • Matt Turner reviews Kaitlin Solimine’s Empire of Glass {Read}
  • Maja Milatovic reviews Lachlan Brown’s Lunar Inheritance {Read}
  • Jason S Polley reviews Henry Wei Leung’s Goddess of Democracy: An Occupy Lyric {Read}
  • Mark Stevenson reviews Poems of Lê Văn Tài, Nguyn Tôn Hit & Phan Quỳnh Trâm, edited by Nguyễn Hưng Quốc and Nhã Thuyên {Read}
  • Eleanor Goodman reviews Richard Berengarten’s Changing {Read}
  • Amanda Cattel reviews Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman {Read}

.from Issue 38—”Writing Hong Kong” (December 2017)

  • Nicholas Chan reviews Guy Sanderson Shirra’s The Accidental Prawn: “Interesting Times”—Policing 20th Century Hong Kong and Other Stories {Read}
  • Janice Tsang reviews Liu Waitong’s Wandering Hong Kong with Spirits, translated by Enoch Yee-lok Tam, Desmond Sham, Audrey Heijins, Chan Lai-kuen and Cao Shuying {Read}
  • Liz Wan reviews Viki Holmes’s Girls’ Adventure Stories of Long Ago {Read}
  • Natalie Liu reviews Michael Kaan’s The Water Beetles {Read}
  • Michael Tsang reviews Antony Dapiran’s City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong {Read}
  • Abraham Overbeeke reviews Karen Fang’s Arresting Cinema: Surveillance in Hong Kong Film {Read}
  • Joyce Lau reviews Robert Gottlieb and Simon Ng’s Global Cities: Urban Environments in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and China {Read}
  • W.F. Lantry reviews Magnus Renfrew’s Uncharted Territory: Culture and Commerce in Hong Kong’s Art World {Read}
  • Vivian Tang reviews Dung Kai-Cheung’s Cantonese Love Stories, translated by Bonnie S. McDougall and Anders Hansson {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Chan Chi-fat’s Weeds on Fire (Dian wu bu) {Read}
  • Michael Tsang reviews PEN Hong Kong’s Hong Kong 20/20: Reflections on a Borrowed Place {Read}
  • Jason Y. Ng reviews Ben Bland’s Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow {Read}
  • Ray Hecht reviews John Saeki’s The Tiger Hunters of Tai O {Read}
  • Mike Ingham reviews Xu Xi’s Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy For A City {Read}
  • Jason S Polley reviews Christopher DeWolf’s Borrowed Spaces: Life Between the Cracks of Modern Hong Kong {Read}
  • Susan Blumberg-Kason reviews Joe Piscatella’s Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower {Read}
  • Karen Fang reviews Ann Hui’s Our Time Will Come and Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk {Read}
  • Douglas Kerr reviews Chan Ho-Kei’s The Borrowed {Read}
  • Matt Turner reviews Simon Cartledge’s A System Apart {Read}