Contests and Special Editions & Features

Cha Reading Series (partial):

Cha Writing Workshop Series (partial):

  • Ying Wa College (Monday 9 July 2018)—Henrik Hoeg
  • Valtorta College (Friday 6 July 2018)—Akin Jeje
  • CCC Kung Lee College (Monday 30 April 2018)—Jason S Polley
  • Fukien Secondary School (Tuesday 17 April 2018 & Tuesday 24 April 2018)—Henrik Hoeg
  • Justice Centre (Saturday 14 April 2018 & Saturday 16 June 2018)—Jason Y Ng
  • Christian Action Centre for Refugees (Friday 23 March 2018,Thursday 24 May 2018, Thursday 31 May 2018)—Kate Rogers
  • WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong (Sunday 25 February 2018)—Jason S Polley
  • Catholic Mission School (Monday 22 January 2018)—Collier Nogues

Collaborations and support:

Cha as supporting partner:

  • International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2019
  • MELON 2018 


Past and current special editions of Cha:

Past and current contests:

Past and current special features:

Past and current special features on Cha‘s blog:


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