Squirrels | Nicholas Y.B. Wong in Anomalous Press

Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s poem “From My Window” is now published in Anomalous Press. There is also a recording of it. The second and third lines of the poem particularly caught my attention: ‘no squirrels fleeing from freezing / corners with their fleecy fur during spring’. First, Nicholas uses alliteration (fl/ f/ fr) well in these lines. Second, ‘squirrels’ made me smile. Earlier, I wrote the post “Reverse déjà vu (alert: contains strong language)”, which touches on their pertinent appearance in my poem (which is subsequently published in QLRS). Obviously I am not the only one who thinks of these little creatures! The quotidian details in the second last stanza, keenly observed, also made me smile with recognition.

See Nicholas Y.B. Wong’s Cha profile.

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