[EXCLUSIVE] The Writing Life Beyond COVID-19: A Virtual Residence (3-9 August 2020)—Videos

The Writing Life Beyond COVID-19_A Virtual Residence

“The Writing Life Beyond COVID-19: A Virtual Residency” was co-organised by Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and the newly founded Mongrel Writers Residence™, featuring SEVEN Hong Kong-based writers and Cha contributors and SIX transnational writers, who are graduates and students of the International MFA in Vermont and the former CityU-HK MFA, two MFA programs directed or co-directed by the renowned writer Xu Xi. Every day for seven days in a row, one writer from Hong Kong was teamed up with one transnational writer to read their work, comment on each other’s writing, and talk about their life during these strange and extraordinary times. Moderated by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho (Cha) and Xu Xi (The Mongrel Writers Residence™). The videos are available below.

Day 1: MON August 3 (led by Xu Xi)
Belle Ling: “The Untranslatability of my Udon Breakfast”
Alizah Holstein: “The Mathematics of Distance”

Belle LING and Alizah HOLSTEIN

divider 4Day 2: TUE August 4 (led by Tammy Ho)
Marco Yan: “Train”
Hayley Katzen: “Every Paddock Has Its Problems”

Marco Yan and Hayley Katzen

divider 4Day 3: WED August 5 (led by Xu Xi)
Collier Nogues: “There is a Season Waiting Behind This One”
Lavanya Shanbhogue-Arvind: “Misadventures of a Masked Kind”

Collier Nogues and Lavanya Shanbhogue-Arvind

divider 4Day 4: THU August 6 (led by Tammy Ho)
Cheng Tim Tim: “Love in Isolation” and “The End of Policing”
Xu Xi: Opening excerpt of the essay “When Your City Vanishes”

CHENG Tim Tim and XU Xi

divider 4Day 5: FRI August 7 (led by Xu Xi)
Chris Song: “Worried About Home”
Paul Rozario-Falcone: “When Lovers Die”

Chris Song and Paul Rozario-Falcone

divider 4Day 6: SAT August 8 (led by Tammy Ho)
Chan Lai-kuen: “An Elephant of Foam”
Jake Edelstein: “Scattered: On Losing Focus, A Job, and Moving in a Pandemic”

Chan Lai-kuen and Jake Edelstein

divider 4Day 7: SUN August 9 (led by Xu Xi)
Henrik Hoeg: “Writing in the Time of (Blank)”
Joey Chin: “The Present is Tense”

Henrik HOEG and Joey CHIN

divider 4

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